My Year in Mensa: Full show
September 12, 2020 10:01 AM - Subscribe

Comedian Jamie Loftus infiltrates MENSA

A New Yorker review. Previously on the blue.
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What I loved about this podcast, besides it was funny and insightful, was Loftus shows both respect for the participants, and also refuses to allow a pat resolution at the end. She never settles on excusing the disturbing aspects of this community. I thought this was a great podcast and an example of how there are these occasionally really stellar podcasts that I worry will just disappear since they don't have continuous seasons.
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Wheee, so fun! I agree with her that she shouldn't have outed TBT. Nevertheless, I was so delighted to learn that there was such a thing as TBT that were it possible, I would gladly assume all responsibility and guilt for having outed TBT. Also, I found all the airhorn gratuitous and weak. Nevertheless, I laughed helplessly at the airhorn Every. Single. Time. This was perfect for my Tuesday.
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