Horror Short Films for Halloween
September 14, 2020 4:56 PM - Subscribe

I'm going to try to watch and post as many horror short films as I can find and find time for this year. I'm hoping to do 100, but we'll see how many I can round up to stream that IMDB can find for me to post. Feel free to follow along. I could also use a suggestion for a good tag.

A few years back, I posted 31 horror films for Halloween. This year, I was thinking of doing the same. Thing is, in 2018, there weren't so many people posting horror films, so it was easy! Nearly everything I looked to post wasn't here yet. But in 2020, there are more of us posting more horror films on FF. That's great news! But it means I needed a new challenge. So let's see how many horror shorts I can manage.

I'll be done by all of the horror shorts I can find on Shudder and HBO Max first. Then I'll drive in to Amazon Prime, YouTube, and more.

Suggestions welcome. And I really do need help with a tag!
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Whatever happened to Fewdio, anyway?
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