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Who is Q-Anon? PJ tells the surprising origin story of the Q scam, and the man who now seems to be in control of it.
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I went into this thinking it was just gonna be another "basics of Qanon," but while it has some of that, it also has a ton of story I'd never heard before. Including some pretty likely clues as to which nutcase is currently trying to be "Q."
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Similarly - I had heard about 8Chan and it's original founder, but not what happened next.
Well worth the listen.
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I'm not entirely sure how to square this with the several interviews I've heard from Brennan on QAnonAnonymous (a QAnon watchdog podcast, not a Q-enthusiast podcast.) I really want to like the guy, but every cynical, asshole "too good to be true" hair on my body tingles. He's clearly been through some real shit and several people I respect trust him. I want to believe.

But, this is definitely interesting and valuable, despite my unwarranted skepticism. I'm happy to see Reply All cover it.
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Excellent and well sources, great reporting. I wrote this summary of the major claims for some friends, hope it's helpful.
  • QAnon started on 4chan as one of a bunch of similar troll / role playing jokes that somehow got more serious
  • It migrated early to 8chan where maybe Paul Furber was Q. Furber gets Q on InfoWars and then to Reddit where it spreads big.
  • Ron Watkins (who owned 8chan) realized Q was powerful and took control of it and runs it even now that 8chan was knocked offline
  • The primary evidence for much of this is Fredrick Brennan's word; he founded 8chan and was working there. But he's kinda guessing.
  • There's a lot of shenanigans with the trip codes (a sort of password alternative) and verification of identity that suggest that Watkins took control of Q.

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Honestly I don't know how much I trust Brennan's word, though there's plenty of more trustworthy evidence that backs up his most important claims.
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Just popping in with some follow up... "Q" has been silent since 11/3/2020 , and Ron Watkins left 8Kun at the same time.

"Is QAnon’s silence tied to Ron Watkins’ departure from 8kun?"
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