The Third Day: Friday — The Father
September 22, 2020 9:44 AM - Season 1, Episode 1 - Subscribe

Today is a very important day for Sam, played by Jude Law, but unfortunately it's sidetracked when he comes across a young girl in need of help while walking in the woods. He finds his life turned upside down when the folk-rich island she heralds from won't let him leave, in more way than one.

The Third Day doesn’t star Jude Law so much as Jude Law’s face. - Recap by vulture
THE THIRD DAY Evokes and Evolves Folk Horror Tradition - Review from Nerdist

Trigger warnings for attempted suicide, implications to domestic abuse, and mentions of child death in this episode.
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I really enjoyed this episode and am very excited about the rest of the season. My roommate and I, who are watching this together, have very different reactions to folk horror - I like folklore, and niche folk traditions, and frequently find the "creepy" town traditions to be quaint. He is immediate skeptical of all of it. Its fun to figure out the different points in which we would "nope out" of the events as they unfold. I would stay considerably longer than him.

I kept the summary brief because thrillers, in my opinion, are better when there is no "set up" in your mind for them to conform to. If people want more info on later episode included, please just say so! I'll be adding any trigger warnings for all episodes, if you need specifics I don't mind explaining details in me-mail.
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The first episode definitely gave me some wicker man vibes, which I love wicker man so yay! I also love folklore so I'm curious to learn a lot more about their little festival.The performances of Emily Watson and Paddy Considine as the couple who maintain the pub really have me enthralled.
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There's something wrong with the Vulture recap link.

I watched the premiere, but I'm undecided on whether I'll continue. I'm sort of curious to see where it goes, but I don't know if I want a 6-hour trip to a wicker-man destination. Loved the image of the submerged causeway from above though.
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Vulture also had this amusing article about the many times the author would have noped right out of the story.

I dig creepy folk horror, but the most intriguing thing about this episode is that very relatable experience from my nightmares of “having to leave a place but being unable to leave.” Jude Law getting sucked into an all-night pub party when he has to be awake at 6 to catch the causeway at low tide was the icing on the wicker cake.

Question, was it clear to all of you from the start that Jude Law was embezzling from his company? I can’t remember if it was made explicit in the text (I think I remember in that first scene Jude telling the person on the phone to pretend it was a burglary?) or if I’ve just seen enough episodes of Fargo to recognize criminal activity committed by weaselly men pulled over on empty highways.
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The first phone call is his wife informing him of the break in and him informing her that the money was in the office so check the office! It comes off convincingly that he's terrified about the money being missing OR him acting worried and subtly directing his wife to notice the theft without tipping her off.

I think there are plenty of possible plans Law had with what he was doing all of them got blown up by seeing Epona.
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I am definitely digging this show, which immediately felt like 'The Midsommar Over Innsmouth' and so right up my various cyclopean alleys. What I'm very curious about is how the overall season will be structured, because apparently it's being told in multiple discrete arcs - 'Summer' is the first three episodes, and 'Winter' will be a separate three episode arc around the same space but different protagonists. And in between was planned - a live theatrical event (!!), which got thrown into disarray due to the 'rona. Apparently now it's going to be something like a real-time single take arc that is structured like a theater show, but without the audience free-roaming through the chaos of a music festival. We shall see!
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Half of the internet is picking over the carcass of the bloated Utopia remake and its original writer is going all Wicker Manon HBO?
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