The 100: Season 7 and the Series Finale
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Our remaining protagonists come into conflict with the mysterious Disciples who believe that a last war is coming.
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Spoilers ahead:

I thought the ending was incredibly bleak and undermined a lot of the philosophy behind the show. All of the characters were either assimilated into the Borg hive mind or sterilized and marooned, and humanity is essentially extinct. That is super grim for a show about scrappiness, resilience, and what makes us human. I would have been down with how dark it is if it seemed intentional, but I find it bizarre that it was portrayed as a mostly happy ending.
posted by crone islander at 8:47 AM on October 3, 2020

Yeah. But as long as the marooned can find that jeep with the imagine dragons cd, I think they’ll be fine.
posted by triage_lazarus at 7:08 PM on October 4, 2020

Given that I watched the whole damn series in one only slightly interrupted go and forced myself to suspend my disbelief about the magically instant radiation poisoning and turn off my brain entirely for the giant wall 'o flame, the ending mostly worked for me, at least in the broad strokes.

The aliens are complete chucklefucks, though. Not only are they judging an entire species at the behest of a single individual with no consent from the rest, they wipe out what are effectively entirely separate civilizations if the shittiest ones of a set of isolated groups get there first?

Here I am thinking too much again. It's simply not that kind of show. Characters get hit with the stupid stick far too often for it to be enjoyable if you think too much. The relationships between them are often interesting, though, and the overarching story can make you go hmmm. The show is good at highlighting the moral dilemmas inherent in simple survival even if the way it gets there is often subpar. It also presented an interesting and somewhat relevant message about how knowledge can be lost and/or transmuted into religion over time.
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I mean the extinction of humanity is probably the most true to dystopian science fiction ending of any dystopian sci fi series ever.
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