The Good Lord Bird: Meet the Lord
October 4, 2020 8:34 PM - Season 1, Episode 1 - Subscribe

(I haven't read the book this series is based on, but, I figure the show-only/books-included tagging isn't really necessary when it comes to historical fiction.)

Anyway, I agree with the positive reviews. Looking forward to seeing Daveed Digg's Frederick Douglass in episode 2.
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The soundtrack composer is a family friend I have known since he was a kid. He borrowed my dad's banjo a while back; my dad swears he heard it on the show.

So I am proud and a bit biased. But I did think this was wonderful, although I had difficulty following the course of events at times.
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Oh, I'll have to add a Showtime subscription to one of my streaming services for a couple months. I loved this book, and I think it'll be a great show. James McBride is a fantastic writer.

Next someone adapt Fire on the Mountain, please and thank you.
posted by the primroses were over at 1:29 PM on October 5

My roommate put this on while I was sitting in the livingroom trying to do chemistry homework. I made him pause it and wait 20 minutes so I could finish and watch it with him. I was smitten from the very beginning. It's much funnier than what one would expect, but it never makes light of the situation. Enjoying this immensely
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The book was excellent, though I have a hard time buying Ethan Hawke as John Brown. I think the best possible John Brown ever would have been the late great Sterling Hayden. John Brown and Jack Ripper had a lot in common. I’m going to have to hold out for when this inevitably reaches wider streaming circles. SHO isn’t in my menu.
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Started the third episode and I'm liking this show a lot. It has a lot of feels. A good amount of them of the not-bad variety.

John Brown - a delusional and oft-violent Quixote-ish, but righteous, character - feels well served by Ethan Hawke; but I have not read the book.

Will concede that I'm a huge Hawke fan and I love the way he speaks (Hawke's reading of 'Slaughterhouse Five' is a masterpiece).

Henry/ Henrietta/ Onion (Joshua Caleb Johnson) is intriguing; the tension of his situation is almost always present and the fallout can be expected to be fatal in the most unpleasant ways.

Sets and costuming are scrumptious.
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I haven't watched episodes 2 & 3 yet, though I plan to get caught up (this weekend?), now that Lovecraft Country has wrapped up.
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[One removed for spoilers -- future episodes go in those threads!]
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Amazing show, one of the best dramas or dramedies or historical programs I've seen in recent years
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