It Cuts Deep (2020)
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While on Christmas vacation, a young man with commitment issues tries desperately to hang on to his relationship

While on Christmas vacation, a young couple contemplates their future together. Ashley is interested in getting married and having kids which terrifies Sam. While on vacation Nolan, Sam's old friend, chances on the couple and wants to revive his friendship with Sam. Sam’s life spirals out of control as Ashley questions their relationship.

The movie is a dark take on male fears about commitment.
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It Cuts Deep is supposed to be a dark comedy about a man facing his fears about commitment and fatherhood. Unfortunately it didn't work for me at all.

First, Sam is really annoying. Annoying enough that I almost stopped the movie several times in the first hour. If I hadn't read about this movie in Rue Morgue, I would have probably noped out of it. But I kept hoping it would live up to what I heard about it.

Sam being annoying is problematic because the movie is mainly shot from his POV. So yeah being stuck in the brain of a manbaby IS horrifying, but not in the way I was hoping for.

The hostility between Sam and Nolan makes some sense, but it also means that Ashley's character gets relegated to being barely a character. Since it's Sam's POV this makes sense. He's worried about losing her, but he's too self involved to care about her or really acknowledge anything about her that doesn't directly relate to him. The problem with this is I have no idea why Ashley would bother with Sam long enough to even get to this point.

The reveal near the end, although entirely expected, also doesn't make much sense even though the viewer has been in Sam's pov for the entire movie.

So honestly, I didn't enjoy it. It wasn't awful, but I wish I had shut it off and watched something else instead.
posted by miss-lapin at 7:43 AM on October 9, 2020

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