Why don't you just die! (2018)
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When Olya asks her boyfriend, Matvei, to kill her father, things go horribly wrong.

Olya entreats her boyfriend to kill her father for raping her. But when Matvei goes to her father's apartment with a hammer, he sets off a series of increasingly violent consequences.

"Sokolov's debut feature is a clever, bloody as hell, often hilarious virtuoso exercise in excruciating harm-doing among mendacious people."-Glenn Kenny of the NYT
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I dug this!

Armchair-director quibbles are primarily that I wish it had embraced the titular frustration with even more gusto. Have flashbacks to Olya realizing Matvei has a number of lives that'd put cats to shame and fold that into the ?plan? somehow or other. Even more cartoonish overgore with deliberate continuity-breaking effects (I'm imagining dad raging "how is your arm back on?!" here or something similar!) depending on how hard that hypothetical version could have embraced it. Still, the movie that actually existed was a nice little bloodyminded time!
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