Videoman (2018)
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A VHS collector's life begins to mirror his obsession when he finally obtains a rare vhs of Fulci's "Zombie."

Ennio, who in his prime owned a well known video rental store, has descended into alcoholism living in a basement with his vhs collection. When he finds a rare copy of Fulci's "Zombie", a mysterious buyer offers to purchase it for 10,000 euro. The purchase will solve Ennio's pressing financial problems, but strange things begin occurring. Ennio's life begins to resemble one of Fulci's giallos.

Ennio's journey parallels Simone's, an alcoholic woman he meets who is fixated on 80's fashion. Simone is a victim of workplace bullies and is struggling to maintain a relationship with her adult daughter.
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The main character, Ennio Midena, is based on a real person and the apartment in the film is the real Ennio's actual apartment. He has a brief appearance in the film as a janitor.
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