Wild Zero (1999)
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Only legendary Japanese garage rock band Guitar Wolf can stand between a race of aliens from destroying earth with an army of zombies.

"Wild Zero is basically the Citizen Kane of rock n’ roll films, possessing such a unique bent on a well worn B-movie style as to feel wholly original."-BirthMoviesDeath
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I haven't seen this film since it first became available in the US but I recall it was also trans positive, something very rare at the time.
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I watched this over a decade ago while fairly drunk, I remember it being pretty wild!

Yes I remember there being a sub plot where the romantic interest ended up being trans to which the band said something along the lines of "love transcends borders, religion and gender" which is a relatively positive sentiment given when this was made
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Yes I didn't know about the trans subplot when I watched it last night.
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I remember seeing this at a Midnight Madness show at the Toronto Film Festival in 2000 at the late great Uptown Theatre. A packed house of rabid genre fans, incomprehensible movie, Guitar Wolf and me having watched, I think, 7 or 8 movies that day and beyond loopy? Good times. In 1998 I'd been primed for at least one rock n’ roll movie per festival with Six String Samurai. 2001 I had a line up of Electric Dragon 80,000 V, Ichi the Killer and Versus (not rock n roll movies but all crazy to see for the first time with a hyped crowd).
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The DVD I watched of this had a drinking game built-in where as I recall you drink every time:

1.) Somebody combs their hair
2.) Somebody screams "ROCK AND ROLL"
3.) Something explodes
-a. in flames
-b. in brains

I do not remember the end of the movie. I'm surprised I survived. But I do remember the experience very fondly.
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A friend of mine summed up the film quite succinctly - "It's either the worst or the best film I have ever seen."
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