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November 16, 2020 8:00 PM - Season 2, Episode 1 - Subscribe

In the Season 2 premiere, Lyra and Will explore a new world; the Magisterium take action on past events; and Lee Scoresby embarks on a mission.
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This seemed like an improvement on season 1 - better pacing, and the dearth of daemons was less noticeable since they spent most of the episode in a daemon-less world.
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Yeah, the various plots had enough time to more or less breathe and feel like they weren't rushing through things for the sake of getting somewhere in 6 episodes, so go go go!
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Totally enamored of elements and imagery from this "world" but how can even the most protected young person not grasp removing the shells from an omelette? No eggs at her 'Oxford'? Does the Magisterium forbid eggs?
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No egg pun intended but Lyra was coddled - she never had to cook anything, and she’d be a nuisance in a busy college kitchen so no observing either.
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But her dead buddy was a kitchen boy, wasn't he? I wonder if they were trying to make a call to that.
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I’m late to this, but I absolutely loved it.

Cittàgazze is darn close to how I’d imagined it, and the adaptation of the witches for the screen is better than anything I could have imagined. The scene between Rita Skadi (Serafina Pekkala in the books) and the captured witch is one of the most powerful in the books, and this version absolutely did it justice.

I wasn’t expecting to be enthusiastic about second season - I’ve been thoroughly bummed out about HDM since reading The Secret Commonwealth last year (ugh. ugh), and I’d managed to completely miss the new season’s release by two months. However, this episode captured my imagination like the original books did, in a way that the first season never quite managed.

I think we’re going to get to meet Mary Malone early, and I’m super excited about that.
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Probably why I’m not in this world, but if I was Lyra, I’d be using that Atheliometer like Google. “Ok, Ath, how do I get shells out of eggs”, “how to use a shower”, “naked earth human man please”
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