Freaky (2020)
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Slasher films get remixed when a notorious serial killer (Vince Vaughn) and an awkward 17-year-old girl (Kathryn Newton) switch bodies. A new horror-comedy from Blumhouse Pictures and writer-director Christopher Landon (Happy Death Day).

Available for digital rental on various outlets.
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Just now getting around to this, but FYI: while the Happy Death Day films are really more like hard PG-13's, this is a legit R, with Jason-style slasher kills and sex scenes inside of the first five minutes. Probably doesn't matter to you unless you have a kid right there at that outgrowing-PG-13-but-not-ready-for-hard-R-threshold like ours.
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This must have been the easiest film pitch sale ever:

It's Freaky Friday the 13th!

Very fun. Recommend to fans of Happy Death Day.
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I thought the movie was genuinely funny but the gore was a bit much. Agree this is definitely R rated.
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The changing room scene, the I'm straight scene and the backseat make-out scene really made this movie so much more interesting that it had any right to be. I really enjoyed it.

Vince Vaughn was asked to do something absurd and over the top but I really felt like the performance was more nuanced than I expected. Contrast it to Jack Black in Jumanji and Vaughn hands down sells it better.
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Noticed last night that this was free on HBO Max and watched it this morning. I did a lot of looking away at the gore, and I was kind of 'spoiled' already for the good scenes like Millie & Booker's first kiss because The Flop House podcast did an episode on the movie, but, yeah, this was fun.
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I was really impressed. This was way more inventive and fun than I expected from the premise. Both Kathryn Newton and Vince Vaughn do great work, they must have spent a lot of time studying each other's mannerisms. It certainly helps that Vince Vaughn is built like a serial killer already. There's a couple nice emotional beats in there too that help elevate this too.
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The Writer's Panel podcast did an episode with Christopher Landon back when Freaky was first released (I didn't know I had it downloaded already until I was searching my library for the Flop House podcast episode for a re-listen once I'd actually seen the movie), seems like a nice guy: episode link.
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Okay, this was exactly the amusing bit of silly violence I expected. I hope the two leads had an absolute *blast* imitating each other.
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Better than it has a right to be. I like/hate Vaughn and it's nice to see him do something that's not shit. I like the way way they just get the pronouns for the killer right.
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