The Dead Authors Podcast: Chapter 38: Ian Fleming, featuring Matt Gourley
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Chapter 38: H.G. Wells (Paul F. Tompkins) welcomes the creator of James Bond himself, Ian Fleming (Matt Gourley) to the Dead Authors stage. Mr. Fleming is a troubled soul who only wants to be a monstrous misogynist. Is that so much to ask? Apparently so.

Here's a full-length picture of Matt Gourley in his Ian Fleming regalia.
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Promo for this episode
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I saw this show live so it wasn't new to me, but I really loved listening back to this one. It's always disturbing to learn that someone is even worse than you thought they were. I thought they really hit the ground running, with the nod to Superego's 007 sketch.
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Such a great episode. Maybe the best of the show (though Anne Frank and Aesop are other contenders). Fleming is Gourley's best character. I'd been waiting for Fleming to finally hit this podcast, and he didn't disappoint. (Gourley explained on James Bonding that they were waiting for the baby blue suit before recording this episode.)

Dead Authors Podcast is really hit or miss. A lot of times the players don't know the author they're portraying that well and lean on a few stereotyped traits, or they just never manage to find the humor in the character. Gourley knows Fleming inside and out and knows lot of different ways to tap comedy out of his bizarre personality. Plus, I think of PFT and Gourley as two of the smartest guys in the comedy podcast world, which suits this podcast well.
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As a fan of James Bonding, Dead Authors and SuperEgo, I was looking forward to this one. Also, I had tweeted a question! But they didn't use it. (so sad).

For posterity:
"Would you say that James Bond's favorite food was the 'slice of pineapple' or 'scrambled eggs'?"

I often find myself muttering "CAsino ROYal" to myself.
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This was extremely amusing. I loved Chighty Chighty Byang Byang, wo-man, and so many other mispronunciations.
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