Sound of Metal (2019)
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A heavy-metal drummer's life is thrown into freefall when he begins to lose his hearing.

Riz Ahmed is just amazing here. At certain moments it was hard to listen to; several times I felt as if I were the one losing my hearing. Wonderfully understated performances by the supporting cast but Ahmed owns this.
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I enjoyed this so much and appreciated the subtle, kind of ambiguous ending.

In my headcanon, Rubin continues drumming and becomes a performer like one of those in See What I'm Saying: The Deaf Entertainers Documentary.
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This was great, I wasn't sure why they had to isolate Ruben from his car and phone to make him better. It seems like removing someone from all their support systems as they go through a major transition wouldn't be q good idea. I'm sure there's good reasons but it's not conveyed and didn't seem primed for success.
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They are also addicts, though, so maybe there is the idea that their support structures are probably all broken.

Hire Rick Riz Ahmed is so good, even when he's in some silly stuff.
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Beautiful movie, and the way the church bells distorted by the cochlear implants sound like the music he plays with Lou....just brilliant.

I did have a hard time accepting that Ruben would be so unaware that cochlear implants are not a perfect replacement for regular-ear-canal hearing. Early on, maybe, but by the time he's laid down all that cash and had multiple sessions with doctors during the lead-up? Apparently deaf community response to the movie has been very positive, so maybe I'm off base here.
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I wanted to like this film but, man, it was depressing. Riz Ahmed is a wonderful actor, but I found it hard to engage with any of the characters and as a result I wasn't invested in the story.
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