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December 21, 2020 7:23 PM - Season 2, Episode 6 - Subscribe

Most of the episode titles come direct from chapter titles from the book, but this one’s non-obvious—someone in my watch party recalled a line from The Belle Sauvage, concerning Coulter’s daemon: “if that monkey had a name, it would be ‘Malice’.”
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They seem to be going to great lengths to make us feel sorry for the monkey, though. You didn't see that in the books, though there was that dude in the sequel who mutilated his own daemon.

They definitely improved on the books in the "Why can she control Specters" question, but I still think it makes her inexplicably overpowered.

I was disappointed at lack of Mary Malone.

LMM just... can't act, and it's painful in scenes with people who can. I'm not sorry his final showdown is coming up.
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Oh good, after episode 7 we’re still not really any closer to resolving anything? I mean I guess we’ve had a bunch of little resolutions, but it definitely feels like we’re still just kind of going through serial motions. Buy next month’s issue of Astounding Stories to read the thrilling conclusion!
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One thing I think was improved was how they took out Boreal. I remember in the books Mrs Coulter was just kind of inexplicably in an affair with him and it never made sense? Here she never has to go to that, it’s all in promises and expectations.

That said, LMM can act (I’ve seen him in theaters!) but it’s stage acting, not movie acting. This was actually a known problem when people had to go en masse from the stage to the movie theater, it was an issue for a lot of people, toning it down to do the subtle stuff, which is I think where his problem lies.
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Could Mrs. Coulter scare off the specters in the books? I don’t remember that at all.
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