The Stand: Pocket Savior
January 1, 2021 8:56 AM - Season 1, Episode 2 - Subscribe

Musician Larry Underwood is on the cusp of his big break when "Captain Trips" strikes New York. Alone and wandering an empty city, he meets an alluring new acquaintance also desperate to escape. Meanwhile, an incarcerated Lloyd Henreid comes face-to-face with Randall Flagg, The Dark Man himself, who makes him an enticing offer. Air Date: Dec 23, 2020
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Came into this absolutely cold. I've read a few King novels as a kid (roadtrips, flights - relatives, airport gift shops), and of course a few film adaptations, but not The Stand.

First ep felt like a decent setup, enough to start me on e02 right away. The time jump thing isn't too opaque and there are enough cues to figure out when is when.

Production quality isn't bad, but I disagree with the speculative timing (post die-off) and personal decisions; but that's from (40+ yo) source material? If the broken/ embering-stone tokens are a thing, the time jumping does some potentially effective storytelling/ setup.

I do like that there are seriously despicable people and luck of the genetic draw will emphasize that but there's an underlying optimism for society and individuals - so far. Will be interested in whether/ how the story deals with trauma.

Not convinced (yet) about the supernatural aspect (as interesting entertainment), especially given that the speculation/ hints that this is human engineered (but, if supernatural, maybe the impetus to engineer the virus was directed?). There does seem to be two main supernatural sides that might (or might not) be in conflict.

McConnaughey was erroneously wishlisted for this, but actually ended up in another Stephen King adaptation; I'm digging Alexander Skarsgård so far, but he seems to be channeling McConnaughey a little bit (from The Dark Tower) - choice by showrunners/ actor, or similar characters as-written by King?
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