Warrior: Learn to Endure or Hire a Bodyguard
January 2, 2021 12:14 PM - Season 2, Episode 1 - Subscribe

Cinemax's Warrior gets a second chance at finding an audience on HBO Max. It's a diverse historical drama focused on Chinese immigrants to late 19th century San Francisco! It's an adrenaline-charged fictionalization of the Tong Wars! It's the dream project of the last Bruce Lee as finally realized by Fast and Furious series director Justin Lin! It's a bloody two-fisted actioner with breathlessly choreographed kung-fu and hatchet fights! It's the best show you’re not watching (The Ringer).

Back with the Hop Wei, Ah Sahm spends his nights at the Barbary Coast fight pit, confronting a new anti-Chinese group, Teddy’s Boys. While Ah Toy accuses him of just looking for another fight, an empowered Mai Ling worries about her brother’s next steps. Meanwhile, Bill finds it hard to break out of his role as enforcer for Zing; Penny is determined to continue running Mercer Steel, much to Blake’s dismay; and Chao offers Ah Sahm some advice for his future with Young Jun.
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If you want to start at the beginning, the whole thing is on HBO Max now, and on FanFare, too.
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ABSOLUTELY HERE for the nativist street gang called the _____ Boys getting positively savaged.
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I didn't realize season two had come out until I saw this post. Thanks to you, I stayed up way too late last night binging the first four episodes.
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There is so much to love about this show. I was skeptical going in but it is a lot of fun. S1 Mai Ling was determined and pragmatic and ruthless. And so deliciously bad.

I would give up pizza to have Justin Lin work on Doctor Who.
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