30 Coins: Cobwebs
January 15, 2021 3:53 PM - Season 1, Episode 1 - Subscribe

The quiet town of Pedraza is shaken by the unsettling birth of a mysterious child.

As local vet Elena and Mayor Paco form a tenuous alliance to investigate the incident, they begin to unravel the troubling past of their recently appointed priest, Father Vergara – and the significance of a curious coin in his possession.
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Is this any good? What does the rabbit community think of it?
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I can only speak for myself. I watched this because I like the director's previous work like The Last Circus. The pacing of this first episode seemed off to me and I admit I struggled a bit with it. I have continued watching the series (episode 4 will air on monday) and each episode seems stronger than the last.
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I really like this show (I'm five episodes in so far). Among its other merits, it has probably the most intense credits sequence I've ever seen, with a full-blown Passion of the Christ squeezed into 60 seconds, culminating in Judas's on-screen suicide. The sort of show it's trying to be seems to gradually shift over the season; there are definitely hints of shows like Evil and The X-Files in there, with monsters of the week, team-ups, some soapy stuff, and generous helpings of CGI thrown in for good measure. I admire how it swings for the fences.

One thing I liked about this first episode is how it's slightly ambiguous whether there is anything spooky at play at all, with Vergara claiming it's all smoke and mirrors and, uh, stress-induced hallucinations I guess?
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I think the opening makes it clear something supernatural is going on. What's intriguing is the priest is the one arguing that there are natural explanations, while the vet is the one arguing it's supernatural. That he turns this expectation on its head from the outset is what kept me involved.
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I just watched this episode and I'm impressed! I'm not at all familiar with the director, and only became aware of the show because Chaosium, the role-playing game publisher, re-tweeted an interview wherein the director credited their Lovecraftian game "Call of Cthulhu" as a primary inspiration.

I'm really enjoying the mixture of soap opera, horror, and action. If the episodes get stronger from here, I'm in.
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