The Great Pottery Throw Down: Cheese Set & Port Chalices
January 18, 2021 5:32 AM - Season 4, Episode 1 - Subscribe

Judges Keith Brymer Jones and Richard Miller set the twelve new potters two challenges against the clock: to throw a cheese set and port chalices, as the battle of clay kicks off at the wheel. Hosted by Siobhan McSweeney.
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For anyone outside the UK, this is viewable on the All4 site with a VPN! Think it comes to HBO too.
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All4 is free with ads FYI.
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Have you seen it? How's the new judge? (And is the host okay? I only had time to watch the first part of Season 3 and the host felt like she was kind of trying too hard... has she gotten better?)
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The new judge is the guy who used to be the kiln technician, so he was around a lot before even if he didn’t say much. So far he seems a little tense still, not surprisingly? But he clearly knows his stuff and seems like a nice man, so I’m sure once he relaxes in front of the cameras he’ll be good.

The host is also new, Siobhan McSweeney from Derry Girls. She seems fine so far. I don’t know if they were planning to change the presenters anyway or it’s because the logistics of Covid and putting everyone in a bubble together.
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Oh good, I liked Richie! That's pretty cool.

For non-VPN having international viewers, episodes are also being posted on the uktvland and tvremix subreddits.
posted by trig at 10:22 AM on January 19, 2021

I like Rich as a judge a lot. He's enthusiastic without schmaltz (I know, I know, Keith's tears are a big draw, but at least have something to say too); Rich really highlights technical stuff well. Siobhan is a fun host. Looking forward to the rest of the season-- the first I can't binge on HBO Max!
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Am I the only one who gets annoyed by Keith? I mean, yes, I admire that he's passionate about pottery and ceramics and art, but his breaking into tears in nearly every episode comes off as really insincere to me.
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I like that Keith is such an emotional man, it isn’t a kind of person seen on TV very often.

I miss Mel and haven’t (yet) watched Derry Girls so I’m not familiar with Siobhan, I am warming up to her over the two episodes so far.

Rich always seemed like such a kind, calm person and I’m glad he’s bringing that energy to judging.
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breaking into tears in nearly every episode

No argument, and this is the kicker for me. It's like the Hollywood handshake inflation. If it happens constantly (I swear once it happened on a middle challenge) then I find it pretty eye-rolly.
posted by supercres at 10:06 AM on January 20, 2021

I do feel like it's overdone and over-referenced, and that maybe there's pressure on him to do it. But also as someone who cries way too easily at things like that, it's not too hard for me to see how it could be real too.

I'll never forget though how amazing it was the first time it happened, in s1e1. Up until that moment I'd gotten annoying macho-man vibes from him (yelling at the potters to finish, or whatever), and having him shed that so totally was completely unexpected and made me so happy.
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So having watched this episode finally, I thought the crying felt super natural and sweet. I like how Keith always takes pains to highlight the good parts of everything (even Suze's notebook drawings). Rich spoke a lot and it didn't feel like The Keith Show either, which is great.

But more importantly: Siobhan McSweeney was amazing! I think her hosting was genuinely the funniest I've seen across all the Great British shows over the years.
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