The Watch: Nowhere in the Multiverse   Books Included 
February 9, 2021 10:27 PM - Season 1, Episode 7 - Subscribe

Vimes slips into an alternative universe where he is part of a jailbreak.

Meanwhile, the alt Vimes is leading the Watch directly into Carcer's trap.
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I thought it was funny when he landed in the vampire's..lair? I guess? I was like "haha he wandered into tumblr" and then everything the vampire said I was like "yeah, he's in tumblr."...."yup." Cracked me up.
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I didn't mind the double fake-out on the royal blood, since the reveal turned out to be the badge, not a random person.

I don't recognise any of the story from the books anymore, has anyone read them more recently than a decade ago and sees any parallels?
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Sally (von Humpeding) the vampire was an early "diversity hire" at the Watch in the second The Watch novel. Though bookSally is a "black ribboner" (vampires who vow against drinking sentient (?) blood, wears the black ribbon as a badge). She and Angua (von Uberwald) initially hate each other and Angua thinks Sally has a crush on Carrot, but they learn to get along, especially after Sally helps Angua start working on her (romantic) feelings towards Carrot.

Detritus was also a "diversity hire" around the same time (although he was in stories before The Watch novels) and plays a large role in ameliorating rank racial bigotry/ race war in AM/ the Watch. He's also a huge softy inside and has a great heart (although I don't think he has a blood bond with Vimes or anything, he's just a really good Sammy).

Sybil Ramkin is definitely not the last "noble" person in bookAM (although she is the wealthiest); there are repeated caricature/ satire of obsessive tracking of genealogy and heraldry among the nobility and well-heeled. Vetinari is from a powerful noble house but he never traded on that.

I have zero issues with genderbent Vetinari, but this is my least favourite portrayal of the character. Especially since Havelock V does have an even more devious and subtle aunt whom he respects and consulted from time to time.

"The worst Vimes" (is still actually a reasonably decent person) is trading on a lot of backstory not covered in show, but iirc, it was almost a throwaway line in the books because of its "well, of course" self evidentness.

I wasn't paying much attention to this episode, there are probably bits and connections I missed.
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Oh, there was a throwaway with Sally commenting on Carrot being a virgin? Yeah, he is, but that's neither here nor there - but is subsequently used to show that, no, not even Carrot is (anywhere close to) perfect.

But he does really work at it, in the end.
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Gave up on the series halfway through this episode. Multiverse stories are inherently lazy.
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