Kim's Convenience: Tennis Anyone?
February 12, 2021 9:23 PM - Season 5, Episode 4 - Subscribe

Umma and Appa try to fit in at an upscale tennis court. Shannon helps Omar deal with his over-eager family. Janet misjudges a co-worker.
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Didn't love this one. Everyone was so separate, it felt like filler stories for the A B and C plots. Janet's was probably the best of the 3. I don't like it when all the plots focus on cringe comedy, though. I liked that Appa was quick-thinking enough to say "Have you found the Jesus?" when discovered at the door. This was undermined later when they were dressed up fancy and could only think to say they were gardneing.

The focus on Omar for the C plot did not help (sorry, Omar) and the total lack of Jung and near total lack of Kimchee failed to bring the laughs. Shannon is supposed to be the one CAUSING awkwardness, not reacting to it. Still, she got the best line of the ep: "I am not holding that 80-pound baby again."
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Yes, this episode was such painful embarrassment humor that I had a really hard time making it to the end. I was glad that this week pulled back at least a bit on the cringe.
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