Judas and the Black Messiah (2021)
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PHENOMENAL. Nuanced, layered, heartbreaking, fascinating, beautiful to watch, I can't believe this is only King's second movie.
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This was really well-done, and well-acted. It's interesting, of course - and part of how the movie industry works - that it takes the narrative hook of the undercover informant to tell the story of Fred Hampton.
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Lakeith Stanfield is astonishingly good in this, with about six different emotions flickering across his face in two seconds. Really, every actor is so good, Jesse Plemons playing the Good Guy Doing the Right Thing, but it's so clear that the FBI is an organization propped up by violence, including violence on teenage black boys (which is what Fred Hampton and Bill O'Neal were when this story began). He and Martin Sheen made my skin crawl, upholding the status quo. Domnique Fishback is quietly magnetic, Daniel Kaluuya entirely believable and inspiring. Shaka King directed this with such restraint, and it's so powerful.
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Another interview with Dominique Fishbank in the NYT, I’m so impressed she wrote the poem she reads to Daniel Kaluuya.
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