For All Mankind: Every Little Thing
February 20, 2021 2:52 AM - Season 2, Episode 1 - Subscribe

Nearly a decade later, technology and lunar exploration have taken huge strides - but a solar storm threatens the astronauts on Jamestown.
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I liked the Lunar regolith dancing as the charges passed the moon, but c'mon Cobb. I know it's hard to just leave him out there, but radiation doesn't make deals.
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The space geek in me likes the general attention to detail here, but sometimes draws my eye, too.

In the opening scene with the sunrise, most of the astronauts are wearing a variation of what in our reality is a Shuttle-era suit with minor adaptations for the lunar surface (you can spot these since the suit is in two halves connected with a rigid ring at the waist). But a few are wearing older A7LB Apollo-Era suits. Wonder if this was a deliberate decision, or essentially a props/wardrobe issue of not having enough suits otherwise.

And also nice that they got a detail of sunrise on the moon right: no atmosphere means virtually no twilight. The sunrise is quick.
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Wouldn't watching a lunar sunrise be like staring at an eclipse in terms of potential eye damage? You go from darkness to bright sunlight in very little time, and unlike on Earth, no hundreds of miles of haze to dim things down. Also, Wubbo seemed a little heavy to me. He and his suit should have been around 60 pounds.

I enjoyed the opening montage (John Lennon is alive in this timeline), and I got a kick out of the Johnny Carson deepfake. I kinda love this show.
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Yeah, I totally don’t buy Molly going for it. Other than that...

- Ginger felt like a season two TNG character we never see again

- so the American War in Vietnam happened but the Soviets stayed out of Afghanistan?

- loved Margo’s morning montage. On some shows that would be played as sad spinster but here it’s like nope she loves her job and if a man was like dedicated he’d get respect for it
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The Dutchie in me cheered at the mention of Dutch astronaut Wubbo Ockels. Glad this is back, really liked the first season.
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Sure, the story and characters are great. The alternate history really engages me too. I feel like the USA is less racist, more homophobic in this timeline. And without Afghanistan and the Chernobyl disaster, the Soviet Union's chances look better.
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It’s still only 1983. The homophobia seems at par and Chernobyl didn’t happen until 1986, unless I missed something in their alternate history montage?
I want to see if Gordo is still in the astronaut corps, as the motivation for continuing the coverup of his mental breakdown would then be purely personal rather than in the interest of his career.
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He and his suit should have been around 60 pounds.

On the other hand how long have they been up on the moon and how much strength training are they doing? After a few weeks I wouldn't be surprised if the mass difference stopped being in your benefit.

On the other other hand they'd just shown Molly climbing a cliff, so it's not like she was obviously losing muscle mass, right? Hrmph.

(Also also how far up was she and what would her terminal velocity had been if she'd just jumped? Probably too high anyway. But that abseiling felt very 1g to me and not the big lazy arcs you'd expect from 0.16g?)
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Chernobyl didn’t happen until 1986

Yes, should've made it clear that I knew that. I was just trying to pick out factors in the decline, thinking that in order to have this more intense space race Chernobyl needs to not happen. Either way, I like this aspect of the show.
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I think I saw that the Three Mile Island meltdown didn't happen because of advances made at Jamestown? That probably bodes well for Chernobyl.

Using v = √(2*g*h), and using 1.62ms-2 lunar acceleration for g, if Molly fell 100m, her impact velocity would be 18m/s. Conveniently, the LD50 for fall heights on earth is apparently 48ft (16m) which has an impact velocity of 17.7m/s (ignoring atmospheric drag). So she'd have a 50/50 shot at surviving the fall, but would very likely be too injured to escape getting dosed.
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The danger of tearing a hole in the suit or damaging the life support would probably be the main concern in a fall. Real world Apollo astronauts sometimes talk about falling and the sudden realization that any fall could be fatal. I'd expect moon suits to get more ruggedized in the decade and a bit on the moon, but it would still be an issue.

That fact makes Cobb's rescue attempt even more foolish. Radiation aside, chances were high that he would have cracked his suit in the crash. She's an iron-jawed space-hero, though, so maybe it'll be fine.
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Chernobyl disaster Yeah I think that was three mile island they referenced.
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I see we're getting a Margo morning montage each season opener. Okay, then. Well done. Carry on.
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So Karen runs a bar, good for her, and they adopted a teenager! I'm impressed. Also impressed at Margo's promotion and Tracy's divorce and remarriage.

Why is Ed being a dick to the redhead? Is he just playing with him or being a dick?

Oy, this whole "the Soviets might strike" thing is, as Margo said, crazy.

I already feel sorry for a guy named Wubbo (?!?!), and now this.
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Wow is Ed a terrible boss. I hope in this timeline, Karen invents Olive Garden. In our timeline, the first OG opened in 1982 but who knows, maybe the space program changes the history of American dining.
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