Blaseball Season 12: The Return
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The Grand Siesta is over, and Blaseball is back.

I've kind of forgotten what was going on or what my betting strategy was, but from the looks of it, I'm not sure those things are useful information anyway. The email The Game Band sent out doesn't help very much either, which is kind of how I like it. Play Blall at 11 AM EST/8 AM PST/4 PM GMT Monday March 1.
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We're talkin' blaseball
From Hades to Hawaii
Talkin' blaseball
Telephone and Marijuana

(I have no idea what's going on anymore, but it is fun to have this back)
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(Also, and maybe this is a Blaseball thing, but this thread doesn't show on the main FanFare page? Or is that just me?)

Edit - I guess it's a Talk page, nevermind
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What better place to start, whether you're a new better or saw the Opening of the Book, than The Garages 101?
25 tracks, hand-curated as the best place to start through the now 284 track strong discography.
The Garages can not be stopped. (No really, they're bound as tightly as the players. Arguably more-so, as not even the Siesta could stop their production. They can. not. stop.)
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Ah! Future posts can just be on the front page of FanFare, fwiw, so they're more visible, as a "Special Event" thread; that's how I was doing it last year before the Grand Siesta.
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Yeah, this is less a "this is where this thread belongs" and more an "I still don't know how to make a post even after five years here."
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Is there anything more Blaseball than that, though

Maybe I'll make a midseason catchup post tomorrow.
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Defector is on it.

I think I like the gameplay changes so far. There's a lot less "you have to stay up and follow everything 24/7" energy around it.
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So, that was exciting.
Crabitat deorbited, causing flooding.
4 teams from the Major League have descended to join us in the Farm League.

Baltimore Crabs in Mild Low, 3 championships, wielding Carcinization
Atlantis Georgias in Wild High, 4 championships, wielding Undersea
Ohio Worms in Wild Low, 4 championships, wielding Bottom Dweller
Core Mechanics in Mild High, 3 championships, wielding Maintenance Mode
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Did the price of flutes go up or did I read it wrong? Trying to figure out whether to grouse or feel stupid.
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I don't think they've changed. i'm trying to figure out what happened to put the Moist Talkers on an 8 game losing skid...player swap? Black holes? Void monsters?

And holy fuck, the Crabs are back
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I can't believe I got into this so late, I simply love everything about it. Everything!
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"Atlantis Georgias" is an inspired name. Love it.
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I wonder if Stale Popcorn is meant to be way more powerful than Popcorn. Each purchase of Stale Popcorn increases your earnings by 10 while each purchase of Popcorn only increases it by 2.
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I'm guessing that stale popcorn maxes out at some point? Maybe I'll go find out.
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I've never been one to be tempted by vinyl, but the Garages Double LP is looking super slick.
Even if it was virtual, it felt nice to be sharing in the cultural experience of the postseason concert with 2200 other Garages fans.
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I get 100 coins from Stale Popcorn, so if they win, I win, and if they lose, I "win." It doesn't seem to max out but you do get fewer coins per spend over time.

C'mon Mills Postseason!!!
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Okay, I have succumbed to the allure of Blaseball.

What team should I pick?
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I mean, The Hellmouth and Hades each get teams, and aren't they basically the same place? While North Carolina gets no teams. It's kinda unfair.
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If I remember right the Hellmouth was previously of Moab, if that helps. (And we did just get the Atlantis Georgias & Ohio Worms, so expansion teams aren't out of the question)

I'd say start with this Blaseball Team Affinity Quiz. It predates the expansion teams, but it gets to the heart of teams/blaseball fairly well.

And then disregard it if you get an answer that your soul screams out against.

What're you into? Winning? Stats-heavy teams? Music? Soil puns? (etc.)
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update: I went with the Core Mechanics just in time to witness their ascendance to the lower ranks of mediocrity. Go Mechanics!
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It's continually amusing to me that because it's in Fanfare Talk this thread has sat higher up on the page for longer than any other Blaseball-related topic.
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I just fell down a rabbit hole
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Welcome to the hole!
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Welcome! Thinking about it, this might map better to a post on each 3-week season-of-seasons, rather than per-season?

I kept hoping that new seasons would pop up here for conversation, but it looked like that dropped off about a month ago?
posted by CrystalDave at 12:23 PM on April 27, 2021

I was thinking that same thing, CrystalDave: a post for every 3-season on period between the hiatuses (hiatii?) feels like maybe a better fit for the pace of conversation at this point.
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