The Map of Tiny Perfect Things (2021)
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The film tells the story of quick-witted teen Mark, contentedly living the same day in an endless loop whose world is turned upside-down when he meets mysterious Margaret also stuck in the time loop. - Rotten Tomatoes Official Trailer, streaming on Amazon Prime

Grossman’s script for the most part threads the difficult needle between endearing, casual teen banter and fantastical concept, a pleasing tone heightened by Allen and Newton’s disarming, grounded performances. - The Guardian

This is all fairly predictable in the way so many films aimed at teenage viewers can be, with tons of pop culture references, an emphasis on going out and experiencing the quirky peculiarities of the world, and an insistence that self-improvement is the only way to move past trauma. When Mark and Margaret decide to make a “map of tiny perfect things” that they spot around the town—moments like a child blowing a balloon, an older couple playing cards, or a janitor playing the piano—it’s an opportunity for them to each give a little and take a little. -

“Kyle was like, ‘Are you going to tell [Bill Murray] about our movie?’ And I said, ‘I don’t want to be uncool.’ But then, we were on the 15th hole and Jordan [Spieth] brought it up,” Newton tells The Hollywood Reporter. “He asked me what movie I had coming out, and I was like, ‘Well, it’s kind of inspired by the greatest time-loop movie of all time with our Bill Murray right here.’ And Bill was really excited and happy for me. I told him, ‘When you make a movie that great [Groundhog Dog], Hollywood just wants to see it over and over again in a different way.’” - Interview with Katheryn Newton, The Hollywood Reporter
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(Spoilers)This was mostly breezy, with a few twists on the genre that I appreciated, that there wasn't a lot of build up to the trope, neither was there a lot of science talk to try to explain what was going on. I really liked Margaret, and wish we had gotten more of her. My wife and I discussed it after, and I think the choice about focusing on Mark and putting the audience in his shoes was the only real way for the reveal, that the story is really about Margaret, to work.

I liked Palm Springs, Edge of Tomorrow and the book Replay more. But I'm a sucker for time-travel and time-loop stories. And for a movie targeted at young adults, I thought both leads did a good job.
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I will watch any movie with a time loop. In fact, this movie made me decide to start a project where I just watch a bunch of time loop movies and write about them. (I have a spreadsheet and a schedule! I even have a logo!)

I also like what I call, kindly, "YA nonsense" movies. So this ticked a lot of boxes for me.

Yeah, I agree that the "twist" that it was actually Margaret's story was good but also frustrating because Kathryn Newton was so great in the part and I wanted more of her. I spent most of the movie wondering why it wasn't about her. And then ... turns out it was! But we had to spend too much of our time Mark.

There were some really sweet moments and I did like how just kind this was. I mean, I've seen better time loop movies but I still appreciated this one enough.
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[Groundhog Dog]

Uh, what now?
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[Groundhog Dog]

Something else I would watch.
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[Groundhog Dog]

Uh, what now?

Lol, didn't even see that. I don't suppose the editor of The Hollywood Reporter needs to check the names of movies they mention.....
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I would also 100% watch a movie called Groundhog Dog but also, I am super tired of every single time loop movie being compared to Groundhog Day. Sometimes it's justified but often it's just lazy. But I like I said, I have a spreadsheet and a schedule so ...
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It was very much a stereotypical teen movie, but had enough good humor to be not bad at all. I'm a sucker for time travel and time loop stuff, but I had a mild inclination to turn it off sometime in the first ten minutes. I'm glad I didn't give even though I'm not a huge fan of the ending. It was a nice journey.

In short, good concept, middling movie overall, but not bad.
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I have a spreadsheet and a schedule! I even have a logo!

You should consider starting a FanFare Club. I also like time loop movies and would be interested in knowing which other ones are worthwhile.

I just watched this, was really afraid it was going to be "Mark rescues Margaret from her bad relationship with older man" and was o_O and liked this outcome better. I thought the soundtrack was really good, I EEPed when I saw Al Madrigal and I am pretty sure that "eagle" was an osprey and now I need to figure out which library they filmed the library scenes in.
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This was enjoyable, if not particularly weighty.
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