Critical Role: Cat and Mouse
March 8, 2021 12:27 PM - Season 2, Episode 128 - Subscribe

With their heist uncovered and danger closing in around them, the Mighty Nein must make tough decisions to keep themselves and their loved ones safe...
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I watched until the break on Thursday and thought I'd have much more to watch today than there was. I love/hate the cliffhanger.

also, Veth is leaving the M9 after taking care of the Tombtakers?
posted by bleary at 3:58 PM on March 8, 2021

That opening was roooough on the nerves.
I sure hope Caleb was trying to draw Trent into spending his reaction so Jester's next spell would go off, otherwise he's totally and completely unhinged.
posted by coriolisdave at 5:51 PM on March 8, 2021

I think he is unhinged when it comes to Trent and especially in the context of that place.
posted by bleary at 6:35 PM on March 8, 2021

Well, he was confronting his abuser in the place where he was tortured for a decade, so unhinged wouldn't be completely uncalled for - though you know how last week, I was saying that Liam usually rides the line between fun risk/causing your party to TPK? That felt like it was on the TPK side of the line. That was an intense ten minutes!

And then the invasive messages - I like how much Matt takes the party's tactics (counterspell, Jester's messaging antics) and uses it against them. Just the whole idea that you have no way of blocking someone from talking to you - it can even work when you're on a different plane. . . What's even worse is that it's entirely possible that Trent can counterspell and/or sending without using a spell slot, if he's a level 20 wizard (Signature Spells).

Trying to get access to Yussa's tower is either a very good or very bad thing for Trent - he's either going to get access to a lot of dope wizard shit and/or Yussa, or he's going to cause an international incident - and while he's very powerful, Matt's made the point over and over that nobody likes Trent, and I can imagine that the Cerberus Assembly/the Dwendalian empire might be willing to throw Trent under the bus. Or he gets possessed by Halas, which is like a net neutral for everyone (Halas might have a better personality)

Then again, I also didn't think that Trent would get personally involved in tracking down the M9 in a different soverign nation, so, who knows. I also didn't think Eadwulf would be able to return that quickly from wherever he was; I guess not Eiselcross? Now I'm going to be wondering. . .

I'm hoping that they rethink the plan to take Marion, Yeza, and Luc to the Gentleman - for one, I'm not sure the Gentleman would want to get involved, for another, keeping them outside of the empire seems like a better idea. Honestly, the Blooming Grove wouldn't be a poor choice - it's not within the empire, protected by a family of mid-level clerics, Cad would be able to check in on his family, and the teleportation from the Savalirwood to Eiselcross wouldn't be as rough. Another option would be Uthodurn with Reani - same idea, about the same distance from Aeor, just minus that Clay family check in and further from the CA's radar.
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