Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Unemployment
March 9, 2021 9:50 AM - Season 8, Episode 4 - Subscribe

This week from the white void: The Democrats pass the COVID relief bill, although a few (like Manchin and Sinema) prevented it from containing a minimum wage increase. The FBI identifies Trump-supporting white supremacist groups like the Proud Boys as the ones who stormed the Capitol building. And Now: Neil Cavuto Really Loves Adele. Main story (21m): Unemployment in the US, and how terribly it serves people in need. And Now: Rachel Ray's Complicated History With Baking.

F. 37 "Tellus Allus," MEGHAN MARKLE
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I still love Oliver and the show, but the Fox "News" clips are infuriating. I get why he highlights them and I agree with the sentiments, but the bad faith spew from those shit-stains boils my blood.
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I lived through the unemployment system in michigan and it was frustrating. I wish I knew more about how many others were and are unemployed. Being unemployed is so isolating.

In my county, unemployment was at half the level of my state in December, which is pretty cool, I guess.
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Rachel Ray's Complicated History With Baking.

My surname is Rae and my oldest brother has a daughter named Rachel. One time perhaps 15 years ago during a lunchtime conversation at work, some of my coworkers were saying, "Rachael Ray doesn't bake -- she's a cook." I said, "Oh no, Rachel bakes! She has her own Easy Bake Oven." Whereupon everyone was all, "Oh HA HA." Rachel, who is now 24, has heard and made many jokes about her celebrity namesake for most of her life, and amusingly she is quite into baking, but not cooking, and has even taken some cake decorating courses.
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