Millennium Actress (2001)
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A TV interviewer (and his cameraman) interview a reclusive actress and journey with her through her memories and career. A bittersweet animated film by Satoshi Kon.
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This is currently streaming on Amazon Prime.
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I usually like a lot of things in Satoshi Kon's work but am disappointed by the endings. Not here though! The ending still makes me smile years later.
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I saw this last night. I was surprised at how straightforward is. Some reviewers complain that it's confusing, and I guess it is the moment you are presented with the gimmick. So I was expecting something kind of confusing and heart-wrenching, but I found it more clever and bittersweet, it reminded me of MY FAVORITE VIDEO GAME EVER LET ME TELL YOU ABOUT JOURNEY.

What a great whimsical gimmick, though, to have the goofy interviewer and skeptical camera guy around to keep the romantic part from getting too over-sincere.

I admit it was about an hour after watching it that I was like, what was she doing all that time when she didn't have the key in her retirement? And then I realized, OH, waiting for the key, so she could move on again. Slow on the uptake, me.
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I have nothing worthwhile to add except that I love this movie and am a big Satoshi Kon fan.
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I watched this again soon after Satoshi Kon died and basically just cried through most of it. It's such a love-letter to cinema (Japanese cinema especially) and how movies continue to live after the people who made them die. I love how much the reality blurs to a point where it doesn't matter what's "real" and what's "not real." It's just fun and beautiful.

It's the only Kon movie that was 100% his original story, as far as I know, and I think it was his most personal.
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I had somehow forgotten that he died in 2010. Looking around on imdb after watching this I saw he left an unfinished movie that might get taken back up and finished I wasn't sure what to think.. then I saw this (unrelated) drawing and kinda lost it.
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I also love Eiko's just acid opinion of the nephew director guy's interest in Chiyoko. At one point she enters with a line like, "Quite persistent aren't you," that is a two pronged stab at both their hearts.
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Kon's ability to make anime films that one could easily see working as live action yet require animation to be truly realized is, imho, unmatched. This is my favorite of his, a beautiful ode to cinema, Oscar swing of a film.

His loss after a Cazale-like string of incredible work hurts when I think of him (usually whenever a drop filled with memories" comes up on shuffle).

I am overdue for a rewatch, definitely.
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For some reason it says "currently unavailable" when I tried to watch it this evening
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FWIW I see two versions, one from 2019 available and one from 2001 not.
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Ah I see, the 2019 is the remastered version!
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