Kim's Convenience: Slippery Slope
March 16, 2021 5:15 PM - Season 5, Episode 8 - Subscribe

Appa worries about Umma after a minor household accident. Janet uses Jung’s past to boost her reputation with students. A high school reunion has Kimchee thinking about an old flame.
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I do feel for the actors and it feels weird to not give it another year when the CBC and cast were all on board, but if the creators want to leave and not hand it off to another team, I have to respect that too. It's good not to milk a comedy too long and let it turn stale or melodramatic.
posted by rikschell at 9:02 PM on March 16, 2021 [1 favorite]

Fair enough, everything doesn't need to go on forever but one more post-Covid season might have been nice. I love seeing more Stacie, I can't believe she just showed up to the reunion!
posted by ActingTheGoat at 10:45 PM on March 16, 2021

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