The Simpsons: Do PizzaBots Dream of Electric Guitars?
March 17, 2021 4:39 AM - Season 32, Episode 15 - Subscribe

Homer tries to reunite a mechanical band from his youth, but J.J. Abrams beats him to it.

Features a recon that now sets Homer's teen years during the late nineties. Homer, who was originally a Boomer and a child of the 1960's, is now younger than Bart would be, based on his age at the beginning of the series.
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So when the series started, I was part of Bart's generation, but now I'm part of Homer's generation? Not looking forward to the day that Abe Simpson is my contemporary.
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They already pulled this crap years ago, in a flashback episode where Homer and Marge were retconned as young people in the 90s. It really annoyed me, partly because it was just weird to have these characters who were adults when I was a kid suddenly depicted as my peers, but also because it just played havoc with the show's own continuity. Like, we saw Homer have a feud with his neighbor George HW Bush in the nineties. We saw him as middle aged guy, getting shot with a cannon at Lollapalooza and hanging out with Smashing Pumpkins. And now Homer was supposed to have been a teenager in 1995? Fuck that.

I know, it's a goofy cartoon with its own rules, but this wasn't just bending the show's reality for the sake of a gag or something. This was throwing out entire decades of established continuity because the writers were so desperate for new plotlines.

They should have canceled this thing like 20 years ago.
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Superhero comics have done this for decades, but I think The Simpsons may be the only tv show ever to have an elastic timeline. I'm not sure what the point is. In comics, the idea was (historically) that new readers are coming along all the time, that every issue is some kid's first issue (and, possibly, a young adult's last issue). Are new audiences watching The Simpsons? It seems terribly unlikely.
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Who is watching the Simpsons, though?
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