For All Mankind: And Here’s to You
April 10, 2021 9:11 PM - Season 2, Episode 8 - Subscribe

Gordo returns to space. Molly faces an upsetting new reality. Aleida confronts her first major hurdle at work.

All is quiet on the lunar front. Ellen hesitates in the face of a Senate confirmation process. Gordo goes to the Moon to win his wife back and keeps on barely holding it together. Molly fails a vision test. Kelly tries out Vietnamese food.

Aleida makes a reasonable argument for better teamwork on ASTP, but then creates a major HR issue that puts her career in jeopardy. The Pathfinder crew test out a new component. Margo and Sergei consider changes to boarding procedures. Karen koo-koo-ka-chooses a new approach with Danny.

Gordo, Tracy, and the lunar marines run into communication difficulties and equipment problems with a pair of cosmonauts.
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Oof, that in-suit fire was *terrifying*.

Nice to see Karen understand how she hurt the kid. Also the fact of ‘their song’ being Don’t Be Cruel... Ouch. Karen Musk seems to be coming up.

Still waiting for Gordo to see the ants for real.
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You knew there was going to be use of weapons on the moon. But good lord was that visceral.
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The suit fire was beautifully done, and also complete nightmare fuel. It's a contender for best horrible death in space, I think.
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I hope they explain the suit fire. I would guess a bullet hit the life support system and caused an electrical short, if they aren’t using exotic ammunition. That was a very big box that the Soviets kept their quick reference card in though.
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Btw thanks cardboard for your posts and your consistently hilarious deadpan episode summaries!
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Thanks! I just wish I could have worked in something about Ed’s bitchin’ Camaro.
posted by cardboard at 8:38 AM on April 11, 2021 [9 favorites]

Given the well-known predilection for classic and fancy cars among the higher ranks at Apple, I wouldn’t be surprised if that Camaro belongs to someone like Eddy Cue.
posted by sixswitch at 9:56 AM on April 11, 2021

Sorry guys, that was a Pontiac Trans Am.
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He’s on the board of Ferrari, he’s not collecting ~$30k Cameros (or Trans Ams). That said, I’ve only seen his Teslas at the office.
posted by sideshow at 10:30 PM on April 11, 2021

Yeah, that suit fire was _awful_. "Why's he clawing at his helmet latches? Oh. Oh _Jesus_." Well done. Abso-fucking-lutely horrifying.

I'm sort of giving side-eye to the idea that the DoD would've sent up Marines that didn't speak Russian, even in the 80's, but I guess I dunno when embedded translators really became a thing. I'm not sure what the Russians would've said from that card that would've de-escalated things, but they probably wouldn't have been shot?

I'm kind of curious what they're going to do with the non-crispy-cosmonaut. POW? Bring him back to base and learn about low-G surgery? Return him on a shuttle?

I assume the crispy-cosmonaut is going to get buried on the moon like Deke, on the other hand. Could you imagine returning to earth with his body in the seat next to you? *shudder*
posted by Kyol at 6:46 PM on April 12, 2021 [2 favorites]

Also _jesus_ Karen, what did you think the impressionable teenager was gonna think after hot secret sexytimes in the stockroom? Well, that was fun, time to go back to shipboard monastic life! It doesn't help that the actress is only 35 and not uh what did we figure Ed was, mid 50's? So the real impact of the cougar-y-ness is a bit blunted.

I'm pretty sure my wife is getting annoyed with me going "ah, sure" like when Strausser explained how his shame happened during Gemini 8. Oh. Sure, you were in MOCR during _that_. Yeah, I'd have probably peed myself too, given the circumstance. But there's so many little things to notice if you have even the slightest bit of knowledge about space history, that's what I'm enjoying about this. Yes, it's an alt history, but it's based in our own history.
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I was bummed that Gordo just unloaded baggage on Tracy, so quickly.

As soon as Sergei waved Margo to the docking component, I thought, they'll do something illicit in there eventually.

I was just about to joke to a friend about the mom hooking up with her son's friend and the next scene, whelp there it was.

I hoped the space marines would be less trigger happy.
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1. I found it completely unrealistic that the cosmonauts didn't freeze and indicate that the Marines should open the box to check out what they were up to.

2. Don't get me started on Karen and Danny. What a stupid piece of bullshit plotbait.
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Also the fact of ‘their song’ being Don’t Be Cruel... Ouch.

Could have been worse, I guess. Could have been People Who Died...

But yeah, this whole subplot doesn't make any goddamn sense. I can see Danny having a thing for Karen, (especially since she's the one character on the show who never gets older, so they're getting closer in age all the time). Here's actor Casey W. Johnson talking about why it makes sense for Danny. But it makes no sense at all for Karen.
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Really repulsed by the idea of someone screwing their dead son's best friend.
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When you put it like that, it's better than screwing their son's dead best friend, at least?
posted by Pronoiac at 2:18 PM on May 21, 2021 [3 favorites]

Are we the baddies?
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2. Don't get me started on Karen and Danny. What a stupid piece of bullshit plotbait.

It's corporate scriptwriting-by-committee at its finest.

"Focus group says Karen is one of their favorite characters."

"Really? There's nothing for her to do this season, it's about US/Russia relations and escalating tensions on the moon and she's not an astronaut."

"Has anybody seen 'The Graduate'?"

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The Karen / Danny scenes had me hiding under a blanket. I'm fine with the show embracing it's soapiness, but ew, not them. And not such a long scene.
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> especially since she's the one character on the show who never gets older

Are any of the women aging? Margo might be a bit, or it might just be the contemporary hairstyles.
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ALEIDA STOP THAT. LITERALLY NO GOOD COMES FROM INSULTING YOUR BOSS TO HIS FACE. Seriously, she deserves firing/deportation if she canNOT have enough sense to stop being an asshole to everyone she meets.

Jimmy's smuggling Tracy cigs in stinky cheese?! Great influence, Mom.

Gordo straight up tells Tracy to her face he's getting her back and told Sam. "Catch me if you can," is her response, after laughing.

"No pockets." I hear ya, Margo.


"I should have never told you that story." TRUE DAT. That said, I wouldn't have given the guy shit for not being able to leave his console to pee under the circumstances. You'd think people would get that. Then again, if Bill annoys a lot of people, I could see why people might lean towards being insulting.

"I have my own shame, Bill...I'm really sorry I made you feel yours all over again." Okay, for once not wanting to smack Aleida. Good acting moment there.

NOOOOOOO KAREN NOOOOOOOOOO EWWWWWWWWW NOOOOOOOOOOOOO you knew it was coming from the episode title but NOOOOOOOO. As others said, why would she fuck her son's best friend. She doesn't seem the type.
"You were great, sweetie." *shudder* Like everyone else, hate this hate this hate this. (I note that they aren't really trying to age anyone on this show other than changing some hairdos.)


You knew once they sent Chekhov's Guns up there, this was going to happen. Fucking trigger happy Americans. Gawd.
posted by jenfullmoon at 7:50 PM on February 26, 2023 [2 favorites]

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