The Handmaid's Tale: Nightshade
April 29, 2021 10:56 AM - Season 4, Episode 2 - Subscribe

June plots revenge. In Toronto, Moira deals with the fallout of June's choices.
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Man, is the McKenna Grace character really gone? That was a fascinating storyline.
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From a comment on the last episode:

And that's the problem, she's losing it, making rash decisions, but everything keeps working out just fine. Martha gets cold feet and runs off before your big jailbreak? Presented as a fatal problem, but then it just... isn't. Plot armor for June is one thing, but plot armor for all her plans (modulo losing a stone-throwing friend or two to an AR)... less interesting.

I totally agree. I was over June's shit about midway through last episode. I'm glad the others are starting to be over her shit too, not just the other handmaids in Gilead, but also in Canada. She fucks shit up, mostly for the greater good, but then moves on while others clean up her messes. She doesnt let anyone else try to lead or sacrifice. It has to always be her. Everyone else around her will die but she gets to keep going.

I really think this show would have been in a much better place if they had decided to follow a different handmaid each season instead of focusing on the same one the whole time, because things are getting ridiculous now.
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but also in Canada

Yeah that bit was interesting at least. I don’t think the show has the guts to run with it and have it affect June in any way whatsoever but I should really stop saying that at every turn bc it seems like the price of admission with the show.

It feels like open-world adventure video game plotting. One PC, the rest NPC, just waiting around to be led.
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The rumor about the republic of Texas was an interesting little drip of worldbuilding. I'm definitely interested to learn who they're actually fighting at "the front" - my impression was that the United States of America had like, Alaska, but not any territory in the continental states. So Gilead in the east, texas in the south (maybe taking refugees, maybe not), who's to the west?
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They absolutely nailed the feeling of a non-profit industrial complex sub-gala fundraising event in that Toronto scene.
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