Truth Seekers: Season 1
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Nick Frost stars as ISP engineer Gus who hunts ghosts with his apprentice Elton John (no, not that one) in his spare time in between fixing customers' wifi signals. As their haunted stake outs become more terrifying they begin to uncover an apocalyptic conspiracy.
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Wasn't sure what to expect from this and only started watching it out of boredom, but it was both funnier and creepier than I expected. While it seems like a parody of ghost-hunting shows, it quickly becomes apparent that the ghosts do actually exist (although possibly the most unrealistic thing in the show is how good the Smyle customer service is). A little bit like Doctor Who mixed with a Simon Pegg/Nick Frost comedy. I'm only half way through the season so far, but I'd encourage you to give it a go if you're a fan of their films.
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Currently streaming on Amazon Prime in the UK and US.
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I really liked this show. It's a rare beast in that it hits both the comedy and scares (or at least creeps if not outright scares). But what really did it for me is that it's ultimately a show with enormous affection to its main cast and is quite kind.

I can appreciate why this didn't get a second season as it's tonally a difficult one to nail down but I would've gladly watch several seasons of this.
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Didn't realise it didn't get another season. That's a shame but I feel like it wrapped up nicely with the mysterious ending (were they aliens trying to have some sort of contest?).
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Good stuff. I especially enjoyed the remake of the reprogramming scene from Clockwork Orange with Malcolm McDowell again in the starring role.
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Oh I loved it! And I am sad there will be no second season as it hits all the right buttons for me in terms of likes.
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