Legends of Tomorrow: Ground Control to Sara Lance
May 2, 2021 6:13 PM - Season 6, Episode 1 - Subscribe

After a night of celebrating their beating the Fates, the Legends quickly discover that missing Sara was abducted by aliens.
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I'm so happy this is back. I'm looking at a long, hard week at work, and I needed something light and fun and silly just to clear my head and refresh my brain. Welcome Legends, so glad you're not Avengers (even if I've been watching Sam and Bucky and WandaVision).

I just think it's a shame the aliens were so CGI'd. It makes Sara's fight scenes a bit harder to buy as there is no physical presence that she is reacting to or fighting against.

Speaking of aliens, I could have sworn we've seen Gary without his glasses before, but I'm certainly not going to go trawling through five seasons of shows to find the proof (one way or the other). I'll leave that up to the Internet. Also, why did the aliens have a jumpsuit on board that would fit Sara?

I'm glad to see Mick getting a few good scenes and good lines (so true about the universe wanting to kill you, Mick) before his (seemingly) inevitable departure.

I love Zari's hairdo. I wish I could get mine to do exactly that. Sadly, I'd need an entirely different timeline and maybe some of John's magic to make that happen.

I also loved that Ava's first instinct was to call in the professionals when it comes to aliens: Alex and the DEO. That's exactly the kind of things fans (myself included) whine about when it doesn't happen. This was brilliant, especially given the discussion about the history between Alex and Sara. (Yes, the Legends have dealt with aliens before on a few different occasions, and yes, they should have recalled those experiences, even if to reference them to say: we've never come across an alien ship/alien technology like that before, so let's ask Alex.)

With the emphasis on the Cruz part of Spooner's name, at first I thought they might be hinting at/winking at Jessica (Green Lantern) Cruz (especially given the character's ties to space aliens) but I guess not (unless it's a sneaky way and unlikely to introduce the new GL show).

That shot of Zari and Astra sitting down on in the House of Mystery was really jarring, and pretty much out of place for what I've come to expect from Legends, but I guess it was a fair-and-equal treatment type of approach to that same duo paying attention to John's own asset.

I've been posting that the Arrowverse has been so down and dreary and stupid and so much of a chore to watch lately, so fingers crossed this stays the Legends we know and love and doesn't follow suit.
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This was a lot of fun, even with all the work they had to do to set up the new season (hunting aliens through time, Mick's growing even more distant, Astra leaving, Cruz joining the cast - prove me wrong - and, finally, reminding everyone what Zari 1.0 vs 2.0 is).

- Sara burning the Avengers. "We are the Preventers! Now we're going to prevent someone from breathing."
- Ava giving Sara a pep talk which also served to remind Sara that she had a diamond in her pocket.
- John remembering that he'd locked Crowley on Earth and nicked his stuff. NBD, which is why he never mentioned it before.

Hey, did Zari's hair suddenly shorten, in between the opener and the first conference on the Waverider? I'm wondering if some scenes were shot during the filming of the last episode, and saved until now.
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It's that shorter hair cut that really caught my eye (and gave me hair envy). I think when she was in bed with John, her hair was much longer.
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I had figured that Zari was just wearing extensions for Charlie's concert and as she and John just had not made it back to the ship, or in all likelihood been remotely sober, she had just kept them in through the rumpy pumpy.

As far a Gary without glasses goes, anything before the chrysalis would just be him in human form, afterwards, image inducer Gary for the win, would be my best guess.
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Sardonyx, I agree, I have not felt like dragging myself through the rest of the Arrowverse lately until this came on.

Gary as an alien retcon doesn't quite feel like it works, between the whole nipple thing and I am pretty sure he has gone glasses free before at some point. It could have worked except for all the years of history.
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I missed this completely bat-sh** show so very much.
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Finally getting around to watching this, and I absolutely love the fact that Gary's nipple is a plothole.
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