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A YA medieval fantasy featuring an unusual and transformative friendship between a whip smart and deeply religious young girl and a local witch. Super weird, transporting, beautiful.
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Reading this reminded me of the experience of reading (and re-reading) my most beloved childhood fantasy novels. Are All the Giants Dead comes to mind. It is deeply original. Has an unusual submerged sexuality for a YA book. Also a strikingly real and fantastic relationship to Christianity. I hardly know what to say about it!
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This is going on the top of my to-read list!
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It’s by metafilter’s own Slithy_Tove!
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Just sat down and read it cover to cover over two days based on the description here. Totally fantastic, I’ll be thinking about it for a long time. I think this is the only book I’ve read besides the His Dark Materials trilogy that places Christian theology and magic/fantasy elements all together and treats them all as real and solid things. Really cool to see a take on that that isn’t Pullman’s. Really cool to see a male author expressing such nuanced understanding of adolescent female sexuality (at least, as I experienced it...)

Thanks a million for the rec, latkes!
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Read it today - very good stuff! Thanks for the recommendation!
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Thanks for recommending this! What an unusual book. I really enjoyed it.
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Wow, this was fantastic! Whimsical, inventive, irreverent -- and sometimes surprisingly reverent.
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