TLDR: #41 - Tell Me How To Live My Life
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Susan Miller, proprietor of Astrology Zone, is the biggest name in internet astrology. Her fans are many and devoted, and among them are both Meredith and Laura Mayer (this week's co-investigator). This week marks Miller's 19th year reading the stars online. Meredith and Laura look into her enduring appeal with the help of Emily Gould, Jon Methven, and Kate McKean.   Thanks for listening. Emily, Jon, and Kate are all on Twitter. If you like our show, please subscribe and review us on iTunes, or wherever you get your podcasts. You can also follow Laura, Meredith and TLDR on Twitter.

This episode inspired my metafilter post yesterday.
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Recently TLDR was taken over by Meredith Haggerty and Laura Mayer after PJ Vogt and Alex Goldman (mefisown) were recruited by Gimlet Media to start Reply All (Medium article by Alex).

I'm impressed that they put two women in charge of the show and intrigued that so far they have really focused on issues that could be called women's issues: online harassment, Tindr, and astrology.
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Yeah, I really enjoy the new TLDR topics. This one was fascinating in that it followed the classic amazing internet story about something I had no idea existed (an astrologer with millions of fans?!) and had no idea people I know in NYC were all way into it.
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I also am very glad that OTM continued TLDR, and it's great that it's run by women.

I also had zero idea that Astrology Zone was a *thing* (and being a MeFite I feel pretty confident that I am aware of a fair amount of big "things" on the internet). I love the stuff that TLDR (and by extension Reply All) exposes me to!
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yeah, TLDR being taken over by women made me notice how few female voices I regularly hear on podcasts. I'll have to work to alleviate that.
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