Star Wars: The Bad Batch: Cut and Run
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The Bad Batch visit an old contact.

Boy, you've got to love that super-descriptive Disney synopsis, don't you? I'll remember this as "the one where the boys tried to ditch Omega with the Lawquanes, and failed."
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Cut and family first appeared in Season 2, episode 10 “The Deserter” if you’d like a catch-up.

I loved that they revisited him. That was such a solid episode and I hope we see that family again, he’s such an interesting clone outlier. I think the Rex visit implies he won’t go all Order 66 either.

Felt like there was no chance that Omega left the Bad Batch though, they didn’t talk about how they’d stay in contact and that made me realize she was never leaving the BBs.
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Thanks for posting this one potrzebie!

I came down on the side of this being a snoozer. It was predictable. It didn't meaningfully move the character relationships along. It felt like a step back from the premier. The tie to the bigger universe was a less than exciting "mass registration of the populace!"

In fairness, I didn't watch the Clone Wars, so revisiting Cut didn't do anything for me.

I was not a fan. Hoping this is an aberration.
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"Less than exciting" isn't exactly how I'd describe a kids show that is delving into what happens to families when fascists start numbering people but I tend to stick on the darker aspects in stories.

It's been said before but the entire concept of having the Clone Wars storyline aimed at kids is weird and this show is really ratcheting that up. I get that Disney wanted to sell lots of little Jedi toys and a serialized show that could introduce countless new Jedi and droids and aliens is a great way to do it but whew the underlying story is grim. All the Jedi die kids and the galaxy suffers.

There are definitely similarities between The Mandalorian/Grogu and Hunter/Omega but I am getting more of a Geralt/Ciri feel from TBB. A group of outcast "special warriors" raising a girl version of themselves seems similar to when Ciri is at Kaer Morhen.
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I thought there was very little chance she'd end up with Cut and family permanently but I did think it was possible Omega'd leave for an episode or two and end up reunited with them later. But I guess that's the kind of thing they do on Shows For Grownups and as this is a Show For Kids, we're not going there.

My big question this episode was why they didn't also forge chain codes for themselves. Like, idk, they were stealing the supplies anyway - why not grab enough to go around just in case? Seems like a useful thing to have on hand. I'm going to be annoyed if either chain codes are never mentioned again on this show and it turns out it's not a big deal not to have them, or they have to do another heist a few episodes from now to get their own. It seems quite likely that one of these will be the outcome here.
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I actually liked this one a fair bit--I think I might have said before that I thought making a war series for kids was odd, but I wouldn't call this that--it takes place in a time of war or at least the runup to one, or the aftermath of another), but it's not itself a war story--it's not about a battle, or a military objective; it's about a set of people and their personal motivations. For me, that lets it live within a frame that makes sense for a show like this, as opposed to one where generals are discussing strategy or commanding fleets.
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They stole a whole box of blanks, so they should be good on fake IDs for a while. I haven't watched any of the other animated series, so the people-tracking surprised me. I thought the Empire was, in general, very bad at tracking people. They outsource that in the movies, and at least one guy continues using the name he enlisted under for twenty years or so after deserting from the Imperial army.
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I haven't watched any of the other animated series, so the people-tracking surprised me.

Chain Codes (link contains Mandalorian spoilers) were introduced in The Mandalorian as something given to bounty hunters to help them find their target (it seems to contain something like a picture and name, and presumably height, species, etc). In the first episode, the Mandalorian is sent to find a target with only the last four digits of a chain code which apparently indicate the target's age.
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