Pee Mak (2013)
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When Mak is drafted to serve in a war, he is forced to leave his pregnant wife. He is severely wounded during a battle, but instead of dying he manages to survive along with 4 other soldiers. Discharged due to their injuries, they join Mak on his journey to be reunited with his wife and baby. But when they come upon his village, they find everyone is terrified of a ghost.

This horror comedy is based on the Mae Nak Phra Khanong legend of Thai folklore.It is currently the highest grossing film in Thailand.
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This movie is described as a "horror comedy" but it's essentially a comedy with a bit of romance and some horror elements. If you're looking for an actual horror movie, this isn't it.

But it is a very sweet and sometimes funny retelling of a rather sad tale. Despite wanting a horror film, I ended up being charmed and entertained.
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For those looking for this movie, one of the places to see it is on US Netflix, as of 18 May 2021. Other people please chime in with different platform and region recommendations.
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I agree, it's mostly a comedy with a spooky backstory and a couple of jump scares. I watched it a few years ago on the recommendation of a coworker, and I found it really enjoyable.
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