Shrill: Season 3 (full season)
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Annie is juggling men, balancing new challenges in her work as a journalist at The Thorn, and feeling more liberated than ever, but she hasn't got it all figured out just yet.
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I have watched all three seasons. I love Aidy on SNL and trying to love her here. I have a problem with this show for the same reasons I have with Ramy. I feel like the producers aren't giving the folks enough room to work with and want a lot of shock in both shows.
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That was my favorite season so far!

1. I really appreciate the Fran focus. Love Fran. Whoever is doing her hair and makeup is killing it.
2. The Nick & Will storylines were interesting and surprising. The Nick storyline got me especially because I definitely had a relationship like that. I tried to clarify our status or basically get things really rolling instead of just a bunch of intimate conversation and hanging out and all these little (and big) indications of interest and suddenly *I* was reading into things or whatever and he was just a chill guy who thought of me as his "best friend". What a little fucker. Seeing it represented on a TV show makes me feel significantly less stupid.
3. WHAT is Em's job? Fran's mom asked and I thought we would finally find out... but no. I guess their job is "hang out, look hot, appreciate my girlfriend"
4. When they were all chanting for Fran after she was on TV "yeah it was!" that was amazing.
5. The night at the bar all dressed up, then hitting a food truck and being loud and ridiculous together.. I was so jealous. I remember that life. long ago.
6. In general I have liked the way they depart from Lindy West's book. The more seasons, the more they are creating a different universe. I'm not sure why that strikes me in particular, I guess it just seems like the writers/producers are making really thoughtful choices about what to explore.
7. The episode where Fran finally calls her mom was written by Solomon Georgio, whose stand up I have really enjoyed. I could recognize some threads of things he has talked about coming up in the episode.
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