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Sam has a nightmare that he believes to be a vision of their childhood home and convinces a reluctant Dean that they need to go back to the Winchester's former house in Lawrence, Kansas. They soon discover that the new owner is being plagued by what could be the same entity that killed their mother 22 years before.
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Missouri Moseley is a great character. According to IMDB she was originally intended to be Sam and Dean's mentor and substitute parent, but the actress accepted a role on Grey's Anatomy instead, and the writers can up with the Bobby Singer character to serve that role. I liked Bobby's character too, but regret not getting to see much more of Missouri. It was fun to see her get on Dean's case for even thinking about putting his feet up on her coffee table, or for mentally swearing at her, and make him get a mop to clean up the mess in the Winchester's old house, and Sam enjoyed it too.

Wouldn't homeowner's insurance have taken care of the plumber's claim over the loss of his arm? 
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Missouri Moseley absolutely felt like a character that was intended to come back in the future. I'm disappointed to hear she won't.
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Missouri does appear once more, but not until season 13.

But we'll always have this classic moment:

Missouri: [coming out of an inner room with a client] All right then. Don't you worry about a thing. You're wife is crazy about you.
[client thanks her, she closes the door after him]
Missouri: Whew. Poor bastard. His woman is cold-bangin' the gardener.

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Since I can't seem to stop grinding my teeth over my mistypes, I'd just like to say: it should have been "the Winchesters' former/old house", not "the Winchester's former/old house" in both the post description and my first comment; in my first comment it should be "the writers came up", not "the writers can up"; and in the second comment it should be "Your wife", not "You're wife". The last mistake at least wasn't mine, but I should have caught it when I did the cut and paste. Sigh.
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Don't fret about it. I think we're a pretty forgiving bunch around here. (Or at least the people in these threads seem to be.) Mind you, when I notice my typos after it's too late to fix them, I get so annoyed with myself for not catching them.
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Good grief. I only just now realized that the actor who plays John Winchester (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) plays Negan in 'The Walking Dead.' He's aged incredibly gracefully.
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I saw this episode before I ever lived anywhere with a garbage disposal and I still don't trust them. (well and not having to stick your arm down them helps.)

I'd never heard that about Missouri and Bobby, though I agree she didn't feel like a one-off character. I liked the family too, and that the mom doesn't volunteer to these random strangers whatever personal misfortune led her to start over in Lawrence, but there's at least some effort to suggest she's a person with a life outside this plot.

The first four episodes play a little differently when you know the whole time Sam was trying to ignore, and then being tortured by guilt and terror over, premonitory dreams about Jessica's death. Bloody Mary till this, he's admitted to himself that it's happening but can't make himself tell Dean and still really does not want to and on balance probably Dean could have lived without Lawrence and premonitions in one conversation. Getting on a plane that's going to crash is scary, but finding out something is going to hurt the people in the house where your mom died and you need to go deal with it is so scary and threatening in a totally different way.
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garbage disposal

Lifelong Hard NO to sticking hands down them. I've grown up in and rented places with them; currently do. Had a clogged kitchen sink, garburator (Canadian name for them?) making strange noises.

No way I was sticking my fingers down it. Chopsticks first - there was something down there but couldn't pull it out. Then tongs. Finally managed to pull out my hand can opener that had fallen in without my knowing (it survived!).

Granted, the guy did (?) unplug the electrical power for the disposal. But yeah, treat them like firearms - no assumption that it isn't powered/ doesn't have a round in the chamber/ supernaturally possessed.
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I remember when this aired thinking what a waste of Mary Winchester as a character, so glad they decided to bring her back later on. I felt like the repercussions of seeing their sainted mother's ghost should have hit a lot harder but the very high levels of misogyny in the first seasons made her a double-fridged character in just one episode.
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The number for Dean on John's answering message was 866-907-3235, which for a time was an operational number with voice recordings by Jensen Ackles. It is no longer in service.

When the poltergeist appears in the closet and the little girl is on the bed, there is a clown hanging from the headboard. All referencing Poltergeist.
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