The Great British Sewing Bee: Winter week
May 28, 2021 2:45 AM - Season 7, Episode 7 - Subscribe

The sewers' skills are put to the test making a flannel shirt, turning old scarves into a garment and creating a glamorous winter party dress. (Contains spoilers)

Three great challenges this week, the flannel shirt being so much more difficult than I ever imagined making a shirt could be. Raph went bold, both in print and in going 'off piste' with his yoke, and Damien surprised the judges with a great shirt - and that he'd read 95% of the instructions this week.

But in the transformation challenge, Damien showed, in his own completely charming way, that he has no clue about how to zhuzh up something plain. Those flowers were hideous and looked like something an 8-year-old would do.

But what a triumph his winter party dress was! The model looked fantastic in it, and it was so well made.

I was very worried we might lose Raph this week, but thankfully he pulled it out of the hat at the end. His party dress was lovely, although not particularly my taste. I really liked Rebecca's dress. Andrew had gone as far as he could, although his transformation garment was great. But oh, those awful bows on his velvet dress! And it was so frumpy.

Best moment for me this week was seeing Damien's foot on the pedal as he sewed, wearing his herringbone tweed carpet slippers. I would love him to win at least one challenge before this series is over.
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I really wanted Damien to win this week--I loved that dress. It was just perfect and I thought only Rebecca's came close to beating it. Raph's dress was fine--not my style, but enough to keep him in even if he didn't win garment of the week--and I thought Damien had been robbed (apparently so did Raph, considering his apologies to Damien). Oh, yeah, and Damien designed that himself! He's really come a long way.
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I realise I’m easily amused, but I just loved Esme grating Parmesan cheese snow over Joe’s head.
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Esme's face when Joe said who's warmed your frozen hearts! And we've reached the point in the series where I don't want anyone to leave, poor Andrew! The final garment just didn't work. Loving Damien too!
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I find Damien so annoying for not following the instructions like, ever, and then getting bit for it every time but as I’m typing this I realize it’s one of those “I possess this quality and don’t like it and find it extra annoying in others” things. I also really hated the zipper on the front of his made to measure - what a beautiful silhouette except for the stiff, wavy zip.

I will dearly miss Andrew - he’s such a positive light!
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