Bluey: Season 2
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Follow the adventures of a family of Australian heeler dogs in what Vulture calls "the best kids' show of our time". Highlights include "Dance Mode", "Sleepytime", "Cafe", and "Granddad".
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I've only seen a few episodes, but my son loved season 1. It's very chill, and I like that it can be funny for adults without being all ironic and "tee-hee, bet the kids won't catch that one!". My favorite is the one where the dad takes the kids to the Chinese restaurant and has to wait for the egg rolls. I am definitely the dad who doesn't want the kids to waste the restaurant's shiny carry-out menus, but will give the kids one to play with to keep them occupied.
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I love this show (as does my kids). Up there with Sarah and Duck as kids' shows I actually enjoy watching with them.
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We were visiting with friends a few weeks ago, and their daughter was ALL ABOUT Bluey and showed me the episode where they're trying to leave the house. I was simultaneously amused and a bit queasy because it felt like some of my nightmares where I need to leave the house but there's just ONE MORE THING to do...
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Oh! Did season 2 hit Disney +?

As the father of a now four-year-old girl, (Tiny Croft) Bluey is my aspirational role model for parenting. But reality seldom measures up. We had to sort of wean her off of it because we just couldn't take the energy level it produced and her expectations of what was appropriate to do to her parents or the furniture without any warning.

I mean I want her to be creative and engaged and playful and happy. I'd love to be able to be that kind of dad to her. But god damn it, sometimes she just needs to settle down and let us get stuff done without the expectation that we are perpetually entertaining her, or worse, that the best kind of fun is to actively undo anything your parents are trying to do.

I mean if you really look at Bandit's experience, he's giving Bluey and Bingo a great childhood, but his life is kind of a living hell. Maybe the argument is that's what parenting is, that's what you do for your kids. But there really needs to be some balance somewhere.

Huh, that really didn't go where I was expecting.
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Just started it, and am so happy to have the second season. Luckily, there's 51 episodes in season 1 we can re-watch. My favorite: Calypso (season 1). Also any episode where they show the kids in the back seat of the car and it's just trashed.
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"Sleepytime" was a masterstroke of an episode. My kids watched it, rapt, and then afterwards the 6yo started sobbing. Bingo letting go of Floppy in her dream really got to him. It hits hard, but the entire episode is just this beautifully crafted metaphor for growing up, parenting, letting your children go a little further out into the world even though it's bittersweet.

"Flatpack" was also great and unexpectedly deep.

Chili and Bandit are what I aspire to be as a parent, for sure, but I remind myself my kids are also not unusually independent or creative like Bluey & Bingo (who are that way because it serves the plot). Since my kids aren't regularly entertaining themselves for 30 minutes with packing materials without once coming to me for ideas or a snack or because they're arguing or bored, then I won't be too hard on myself for not being as easygoing or playful as Chili.
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