Sweet Tooth: Season One
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On a perilous adventure in a post-apocalyptic world, a boy who's half-human and half deer searches for a new beginning with a gruff protector.

Based on the comic by Jeff Lemire. A Netflix original series.
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This is overly cute and riddled with plot holes.

Oh and it's delightful. It's a freaking blast.
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Also: developed for TV by Jim Mickle, who made Stake Land.
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Agree - it's cute, it's delightful and much better than I expected. I'm only 2 episodes in, and trying not to binge so I can enjoy it for as long as possible. The only criticism I have so far is - New Zealand is beautiful, but it looks nothing like Yellowstone NP.
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Nonso Anozie, in particular, is terrific. Jeppard is just the heart of the show. His impatience and irritation with Gus are hilarious but they also serve to diffuse how overly precocious and cute he can be. Plus, there's something very satisfying about a character who would clearly rather be selfish, but runs into someone he can't bear to let down. Anozie sells the whole thing.
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Feels like this could have used some post-Covid updates. The TV headline was something like a million dead worldwide and, like, there's rioting, helicopters colliding in mid-air, cats and dogs living together, mass hysteria.
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It needs zero COVID updates. World sucked prior to this.

The show encapsulates my life on a pretty fundamental level. My entire life has been one existential threat after another with really no hope whatsoever; Cold War, AIDS, homegrown dirty bombs, Hootie, 9/11, Iraq/Afghanistan, every conceivable threat of nukes from NK to NeuRussia to more dirty bombs, Nickelback, various epidemics, Trump, Covid, and again, Russia. And as an ecologist, climate change overtakes all the boogeymen.

I am constantly afraid not of personal death but of special annihilation. But my wife and I had a child almost 10 years ago. All I see ever day is some bright spark of hope as he runs around exploring the world. And yet I know what awaits him. All I can do is buy him and his generation some time to come up with solutions.

This speaks to me in so many ways. And as it happens, it is pretty to boot.
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We're enjoying what we are interpreting as riffs on famous fantasy scenes. To name just two: Sweet Tooth at the Animal Army compound feels like Pinocchio at Pleasure Island. Valley of Despair = the poppy field from Wizard of Oz.

They may not be conscious riffs, just takes on archetypal ideas. But it's fun to see the parallels.
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The more a person lets go and enjoys this as a fable, the more enjoyable it is.
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Ok I watched an episode and now I'm all in solely for the squeeee adorable animal baby people.
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Feels like this could have used some post-Covid updates.

Haven't seen this show yet, but your comment reminded me: I re-watched the original Utopia a few weeks ago and they were exclaiming about how releasing the virus could kill... thousands of people.
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Remember when LOST was hitting on all cylinders and a character's flashback interleaved with present-day action had you feeling rewarded for having paid attention and able to tie all the clues together? Some parts of Sweet Tooth, for us, had that mood.

We really enjoyed it and didn't pace ourselves, and hit the last episode like a blindfolded sprinter into the gym wall. I googled Season 2 and found a ton of encouraging, empty, clickbait. Looking forward to it.
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I saw the thumbnail on Netflix and rolled my eyes so hard they nearly fell out of my head at the description. After two days of seeing this absolute ridiculousness I couldn't take it anymore and decided to hate-watch 10 minutes of it.

I just finished the season, and I loved it so much. Such beautiful, flawed characters. I really hope there is a season 2.
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Watched the first episode, and while it certainly requires suspension of disbelief, it was intriguing enough that we plan to watch more.

So many questions about the biology of the hybrids!

And yeah - the Yellowstone framing was cool, but...NZ ain't Yellowstone, pretty as it may be.
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I enjoyed it so much, I'm deeply disappointed that it ended on a cliffhanger of sorts and that we'll have to wait for a season 2.
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This was in my "Maybe? Hard to say if I'll like it or not from the promo shot & minimal Netflix info" list.

Then I came here and DOT noted that Jim Mickle was involved. (I think he does really fantastic work, even when he misses the mark to some degree.)

So I watched it all right away. AND it's great. Hits that spot for me that hovers between weird, charming, funny, and suspenseful that I think lots of shows & movies aim for these days but not all that many get right. I'm all in for future seasons.
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About 10 minutes into the second (or maybe third) show I said to my husband, "This is the exact plot of Sanctuary, the 4th episode of The Mandalorian. Din asks to leave Grogu with the nice safe people in the nice safe place. They agree to keep him. But bounty hunters come looking for Grogu, and Din realizes he cannot leave Grogu in the nice safe place because the bounty hunters will never stop coming, so he has to take him with him again. They get in a vehicle and get driven away while they look back sadly at their new friends.

That being said, this show is adorable and magical and I want a deer baby. Also that bird baby and the puppy baby. I want all of the hybrid babies.
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Just watched all, just an amazing show. Totally Lone Wolf and Cub, just like The Mandalorian. If you haven't seen it and love Sweet Tooth you might also like TM. Hope SW will be renewed, it's just magical.
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The theme and the creepy ambient musical hits keep putting me in mind of Horizon Zero Dawn. I expect Ted Faro or Elisabeth Sobek to pop out of the woodwork at any moment.
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Feels like this could have used some post-Covid updates. The TV headline was something like a million dead worldwide and, like, there's rioting, helicopters colliding in mid-air, cats and dogs living together, mass hysteria.

Oh, there are some nods... When they jumped onto the train, Gus landed in a pile of loose toilet-paper rolls... Later, as Jepp was fighting his former team-mate, they were crashing into old boxes of... hand sanitizer.

And they refer to the end-times as "the crumble"... Which is similar to how I have heard people refer to this pandemic - the "slopocalypse" or "slow-pocalypse".
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