Plan B (2021)
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After a regrettable first sexual encounter, a straight-laced high school student and her slacker best friend have 24 hours to hunt down a Plan B pill in America's heartland. (available on Hulu in the US)
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I said 'oh babies' like 5,000 times during this, it was the right amount of cute and cringe (but not too cringey?).

The Lupe and Logan relationship was extremely sweet, and I definitely cried at the end. I'm also glad that Hunter turned out to be a good dude.

The least realistic thing is the number of other cars on the highway. The second least realistic thing is that you'd be able to see the waiting room chairs from outside of a planned parenthood.
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I realize I’m probably the only person for whom the sentence “The actor that played Wendy Watson on short-lived ABC Family show ‘The Middleman’ directed a teen sex comedy?!?” is the reason they are super-excited to see this movie, but i am super-excited to see this movie.

Also, more people should watch The Middleman - Natalie Morales does great work on both sides of the camera.
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(that was like 75% of the reason why I was excited to watch it as well)
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We watched this last night and what a delight. I was shocked (in a good way!) that they were able to keep That Scene in. There was a lot of "oh no oh no oh no AHHHHHHHRGG OH NO" going on.

And yeah, Hunter was great- they laid the ground nicely for him reacting the way he did with the initial sex ed scene. And the scene at the end with Lupe and her dad made me tear up a little bit.

It was just the perfect blend of raunchy and big hearted.
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The fact that they showed that Lupe was still wearing the pin in that scene, and Lupe had probably forgotten about it, but her Dad could see it and probably got a little bit of an inkling of what was going on? Yeah, that got the tears going.

There's probably something to be said about how there was still an undercurrent of fear of sexual assault in some of the scenes, that you typically don't find in sex comedies about teenage boys. The two guys hanging out by the van, then the playground scene (not to mention the fact that it was also clear that the consequences for Sunny were a lot more serious than her partner's). I think they did a good job of not underplaying the fear but also making the scenes funny (the choked up hold on the bat, "Yeah, there was a lot of blood at Claire's"), but also, it makes me a little nervous to recommend them without content warnings.
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The least realistic thing was the piercing scene. No way that would have happened so easily with that amount of force. But I get it was for the cringe and the LOLs, and the call back in the final scene in the van was funny. It was a cute movie that didn't make me hate that I watched it.
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