The Great British Sewing Bee: It's the final, and the theme is celebration.
June 17, 2021 1:31 PM - Season 7, Episode 10 - Subscribe

The three remaining sewers work on a bridesmaid's dress, a festival-themed transformation and a glamorous off-the-shoulder gown. (Contains spoilers)

This was an excellent finale, with some great challenges. The pattern challenge was devilishly difficult and I'd have thought by this stage of the competition that the sewers would steer clear of fabrics that fray. But no, Serena and Raph got themselves into trouble, because when the technical difficulties of the pattern meant they needed to unpick, the fabric fell apart. Nobody nailed the buttonhole, and I've never seen anything so unnecessarily faffy just to put a button through.

I thought Serena's bridesmaid's dress looked the best though, and the colour was really lovely. But it was a very close thing between all three. I also think Esme and Boy George would make a wonderful couple.

The festival challenge was brilliant. Raph chose Pride (and they showed again the picture of the four rainbow rompers Raph made for a past Pride, with my friend Peter second from right). The sight of Patrick in that headdress made me laugh so much. Serena's outfit was really clever, but not very practical with those open-sided pants. I really loved Rebecca's festival outfit, although I can see why it wasn't thought blingy enough, particularly when it was side-by-side with the other two outfits. But it was subtly beautiful, with those paillettes from the chandelier.

I hated Raph's dress in the made-to-measure challenge. It looked as if it was made out of Christmas wrapping paper and I thought it was too short at the front. I've loved his aesthetic in most of the challenges but this missed the mark for me. Rebecca's was lovely and so well made, fitting her model perfectly. But Serena's dress was stunning. I didn't think I'd like it from the drawing but on her model it looked incredible.

After that, there could only be one winner. Although Serena was my third choice going into the final, she won me over with that dress.

And Joe, as ever, was a delight from start to finish.
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I wanted Serena or Raph to win, almost from the beginning. I think Raph is really very creative, but I didn't like his made to measure at all. I loved the color of Serena's dress--that acid yellow was almost a Raph choice--but I was afraid I would hate the dress. But it was floaty and pretty and really well made. Rebecca did a great job with her made to measure too, and using scuba fabric was kind of a Raph thing to do too.

One thing I wonder about Raph--did he ever use a textile he designed in a made to measure? I feel like he did once, but I can't remember. I was hoping he'd use one of his own textile designs in the final.

It was a very close final, the closest I can remember. Anyone could have taken it. But Serena was the best seamstress from the start and her imagination and creativity really blossomed as the competition went on. And Rebecca really came a long way too. I cried at the end. Everyone seemed to be crying at the end. I really love this show.
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I thought it was an outrageously fun and good final, both in terms of quality and entertainment.

Joe and the judges were in rare form-- every single interstitial segment was a hoot, Patrick and Esme were so game for every gag, and I made sure to clip Joe's joke (😬⚖️😆) about bridesmaids and the patriarchy to post somewhere once shots of the sewers' faces aren't a mild spoiler. Also the soundtrack was on point-- seems like they had the budget to really have fun with it; "Song 2" would be cliché in another context but to kick of a challenge for a sewing show fun and unexpected. (The soundtrack, especially, shone in contrast with earlier seasons, as I'm going back to catch up on 1 and 3; I could die happy without hearing some of those low-license-fee songs again.)

Raph's transformation was everything. I think he's right about his M2M being divisive; I liked it, and if finished just a little better it would be great for a more out-there red carpet like the Grammys. Maybe in a different fabric? I found Rebecca's to be well executed and just fine; neoprene seems very forgiving. Serena's was certainly executed well, but I couldn't put my finger on what was a little disappointing until Esme pointed it out-- the shape could have been more dramatic with better contrast between waist and hem (or maybe I've just been watching too much Drag Race 🤪).

At any rate, this was easily the final where I'd be most happy for any of them to win; there was still the balance between design and execution, but no extreme "technically great sewer with mediocre design/taste" that often complicates the final judging.
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I loved this final, always love seeing the families, and what the other bees have been up to.

I wonder if Raph had finished the dress he could have won?

What I really liked in this season was how Raph started out stronger creatively and Serena technically, and they both improved in the other area to be both strong creatively and technically.
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I really enjoyed Patrick wearing the headdress. This was a very nice finale. I was torn - Serena’s dress was perfect but boring - except for the excellent color choice vs Rebecca’s was perfect but simple. If only Raph had finished!
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Sad it has ended but starting to watch from series 1 as it is all on iplayer at the moment. The first series has a different feel to it. The room is darker and the camera angles seem to change more so it's a bit more stressful I think.
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So glad to see Serena win, but I really loved Rebecca’s dress and her friend was adorable and looked so happy in it!
Esme + Boy George 4-EVA!!!
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