Lupin: Lupin - Part 2
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Inspired by the adventures of Arsène Lupin, gentleman thief Assane Diop sets out to avenge his father for an injustice inflicted by a wealthy family.

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Finally back to resolve that episode 5 cliffhanger!
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I am not much of a binge viewer, so it took me a couple weeks to finish the five episodes.

I thought the pacing in this second part was a little odd, and judging by the reviews, I'm not alone in that.

I enjoyed part 2, maybe slightly less than the first part, but still quite a bit. Glad to see a part 3 is in the works. I hope Lupin finds a new target though - I feel like the Pelligrini thing is done and dusted - get us a new nemesis, one more worthy of our protagonist!
posted by the primroses were over at 2:52 PM on June 22, 2021

I too hope we're done with Pelligrini. I didn't have an issue with the pacing, but I did watch the entire second part in one go. My only real issue was that some of the misdirection felt a bit cheap/unearned. Usually they're pretty good about not directly contradicting what's seen on screen, but in at least one instance they totally did retcon a thing and it annoyed me.
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I thought Part 1 was very charming and a lot of fun, but Part 2 fell flat for me. A lot of the heists and hi-jinks felt really phoned in and like the writers weren't trying very hard (was there a blink-and-you'll-miss-it Lupin breaks in-and-out of jail bit that they just handwaved off?). And the treatment of Juliette and Claire, oof. I get that it's "Lupin" and not "Juliette" but I don't think it would have killed them to spend a minute or two on her reaction to her father's final takedown.
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Still enjoyable, but I liked Part 1 better.
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We also liked it - as I mentioned in the other thread, I sort of hope Lupin keeps his little team together (or grows it further). Ensemble heist/capers are some of my favorites!
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I liked the fact that the final episode at least had a big heist like the first one — a lot of it felt like it kind of had BBC Sherlock “based on the stories but with more focus on character drama than clever trickiness” vibes but also without turning completely dumb as hell

Overall I enjoyed it but found it to end very abruptly — the announcement of a third season/series is good to hear just because there was basically no denouement, and I’m rather fond of these characters
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I enjoyed the last two episodes more than the beginning, and agree that Part One had better pacing and general interest. I hope they get a new focus for Part Three!
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Hard to get past episode one, despite enjoying the previous season. Badguy plans (transparent) ruse with son, goodguy immediately sees through the ruse but then discards that advantage to walk into the open, badguy equally inexplicably drops his ruse, then goodguy dispenses with all subtlety and walks into the front door, flashlight shining, with no weapons or preparation whatsoever apart from some random stick he finds in the foyer, and then appears to have lost all his hand-to-hand fighting ability before discarding the badguy without questioning him. And somehow in the brief interval between the face-off and the confrontation the badguy had time to whisk the kid away to the car, and then proceeds to heinously murder him in a fairly severe violation of the spirit of what had been a fairly lighthearted show. The episode overall was about as subtle as burning a kid alive to motivate one's protagonist.
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You really should watch at least one more episode...
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The ending felt really abrupt and I'm hoping that Assane's got a lot more in the way of evidence to put Dumont and Pellegrini away for good because I don't know much about the French justice system but I don't think those forced confessions are going to hold up for long. Especially with Pellegrini's friends in high places. I'm not sure what to make of Ben's tech skills and cell phone that can open all doors.

Also, the Paris police don't have any boats of their own that they could radio to intercept? It must have taken some time for Claire and Raoul to make it to the bridge.

I'm hoping that in Season 3 Juliette can make an honest man out of Assane. Claire needs more stability in her life, which is totally understandable, and from what I can tell Juliette and Assane have liked each other for a long time and Juliette seems like a good person. Seriously, how hard must it have been for her to turn against her father? If the twist for Season 3 is that she's actually evil and was using Assane to get rid of her father I'd accept that too, but I'd rather they find some happiness together.
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So I’ve binge watched both seasons and it’s a pleasant, lightweight series with a capable lead whose disguises aren’t very convincing and there’s no mistaking that walk. Now that everyone in creation knows his face, his real name, his address, his family, his collaborator’s name, his place of business, I really wonder how the next season will progress. At this point whenever Assane goes out in public, people will be asking him for his autograph.
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Part 3 teaser trailer! No release date.
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Part 3 on Netflix from October 5th.
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