Star Wars: The Bad Batch: Bounty Lost
June 25, 2021 3:03 AM - Season 1, Episode 9 - Subscribe

The Bad Batch embark on a rescue mission.
posted by EndsOfInvention (16 comments total)
Some great visuals of the floating Kaminoan city in this episode, and the fight between Cad Bane and Shand was really nicely animated.
posted by EndsOfInvention at 3:27 AM on June 25, 2021

This was a little anticlimactic after last week's tense episode. Over the past week I'd invented a multi-episode arc of the gang trying to find each other and frankly I like my version better. Still it was good to see Omega being resourceful. "I'm just a kid," she said to the droid, and that's what convinced him to let her out. Very cunning! Also great to see Fennec again, totally owning that stupid cowboy.

Two things that stood out to me: how did Omega get that cloning vat to fall on Fennec? And then jumping on the flying droid--wasn't that one of Anakin's favorite gags back in the day? I hope they're not setting her up to be a Force-user. It's kind of tired at this point.

Most of all this felt like a setup to introduce a live-action Omega into the Boba Fett series.
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how did Omega get that cloning vat to fall on Fennec?

I think she hit a button on the control panel?
posted by EndsOfInvention at 6:47 AM on June 25, 2021

Oh, okay. I didn't connect the two.

Here's another question: how can Omega be an unaltered clone of Jango Fett? Can you get an XX clone from an XY donor? I'm no scientist but it doesn't seem possible.
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Well, this is Star Wars genetics and not real-world genetics, but here on Earth you can switch off as few as one gene for an XY human to appear as female.
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Hunter ends the episode by promising Omega she will never go back to Kamino, which means they are going back to Kamino by the end of the season.
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The single chromosome change was also part of the origin for Laura Kinney, aka X-23/Wolverine.
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I’m almost 100% sure they’re setting us up for Omega live action in the Boba Fett show especially considering how much Fennec has been involved. I’m okay with this.
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huh, OK. So live-action Omega would be (::counts on fingers::) in her late 30s? If she's about 12-ish now. But then she's a clone: does she have the accelerated aging of the standard clones? In which case maybe she'll be quite elderly?

Shand herself must be around 50 by the ttime of The Mandalorian, which at least is consistent with Ming Na Wen's age.
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Grown-up Omega sounds fun, I bet she has impressive weapons! From what they said this episode, she has no Kaminoan genetic enhancements and is (assumed to be) closer to the source DNA than the clone stormtroopers. So she would be in her late 30s like suelac said? I haven't seen the other cartoon series, so don't know why the frack the Kaminoans didn't store unaltered DNA before they started tweaking it - but I've also been around computers long enough to accept that as a completely plausible error.

Cad Bane was also fun this episode, but I suspect that was more costume design than characterization?
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Ok, yes, I definitely had two moments where I turned and said "what??" to my spouse watching this and one was when they said she was genetically identical to Jango Fett despite a really obvious genetic difference, and the other was when the guys showed up at just the right place and time to intercept her pod! That is some Skywalker-ass good luck right there.

But yes the fights were fun and exciting. We had a moment where we thought this was a nine-episode season and this was therefore the last one and we were like "bbbbuuuut nothing actually happened all season really??" so I guess that's where I am with this show rn.

I'm hoping the situation with the Kaminoans is something other than "Nala Se, being female, obviously developed sappy maternal feelings for this little girl as women tend to do, and is spending down her 401k to retrieve her and run off with her to live as a family of two on some quiet obscure moon in the outer rim". Like, I happen to have many sappy maternal feelings, I don't intend to knock them, but I just really want it to be something a little less obvious (and sexist) than that.
posted by potrzebie at 10:52 PM on June 26, 2021

does she have the accelerated aging of the standard clones?

I don't think so, I forget who said it but one of the characters said there were only two unaltered clones of Jango Fett - Boba and Omega. Neither would have the accelerated ageing of the clone troopers.
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Not so much having to do with this particular episode, but I started watching the last season of The Clone Wars to get the background on TBB, and finished it yesterday--those last few episodes, wow, what an incredible retelling of Revenge of the Sith from a different perspective, and a better movie in its own right. I'd started watching TCW previously, but it didn't grab me; now, I think I'll take another crack at it, after I catch up on The Mandalorian (which I want to be caught up on if/when Omega shows up there).
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The Clone Wars does get better as it goes on, and yes the finale of the last season is amazing.
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Enjoy, Halloween Jack! So worth it! Yes the first few seasons have a bunch of filler episodes but TCW gets GOOD further in. Some of the best Star Wars in any medium.
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Agree with the others about TCW. Seeing a version of Anakin Skywalker that’s actually likable? and charismatic! was really refreshing compared to the creepy incel of the films.
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