F9 (2021)
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Cipher enlists the help of Jakob, Dom's younger brother to take revenge on Dom and his team.

This movie is almost two and a half hours long.
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Whatever you think about the movie, I rate it 10/10 on the Edinburgh scale, easily defeating Avengers: Infinity War. Excellent use of Edinburgh’s verticality, including a great action/plot point (overlapping roads), not completely unreasonable geography, entertaining ziplines, features both Old and New Towns - well done Justin Lin!
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Somehow we ended up the only ones in the theater for our showing, and that experience alone made the movie about 40% better. Not needing to stifle my snark or the genuine exclamations of disbelief made the movie so much better.

Justin Lin did a great job; I was ready to fall away from the franchise after the eighth movie, but Lin really leaned into the ridiculous to create some incredibly over the top action sequences. I got a bit of the six mile runway feeling when the big truck flipped at the end and then just kept going, but again—I could talk back to the movie so was able to grumble and then enjoy the spectacle.

The movie also did a decent job at hitting the right character beats, at least when it came to Han. (The best character, fight me.) The retconning didn’t make much sense, I think, but all I really cared about was 1) how did Han grieve for Giselle after the six mile runway and 2) the reunion between him and Texas guy from the third movie. I don’t think a mindless action franchise really needed to take time for those beats, but it did and that’s why I continually have such a soft spot for this weird franchise.
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Han is pretty hot, which I was not expecting from the long-hair pictures.

I went in just hoping for a big dumb enjoyable action movie, but...I have my limits. If they had revealed at the end that it was all going on inside a simulation being run by Cipher (Cypher?) I would have accepted it without question.
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Haven't seen it yet (I did binge 1-7 in January though). But I'm going to think of this movie as PrtScn from now on (or Easy Ease if I think of it while I'm using After Effects).
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Bechdel Test: passed!
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> Somehow we ended up the only ones in the theater for our showing, and that experience alone made the movie about 40% better.

There was only one other group in the theater with my group, and they were far enough away (and the movie was so freaking loud) that we felt free to talk, too. Mostly me going "What? WHAT?!? Wait... what?" at various plot points. But happily so. The movie was ridiculous and I loved it.
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Physics, schmysics…. But, I guess when most special effects are done with CGI, why limit your vision…

OTOH, when I applied my “8-10 year old kid” filter, then yes, vehicles can and will do all of those things and much fun was had.

It was fun, we went to the drive-in, stayed for “The Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard”, which was… cruder, but not really all that great…

(also people, it’s probably a good idea to start your car every 30m or so for one of these blockbusters…)
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Each of these are great if only to make you wonder how the next one will outdo it.

Only disappointment is I was hoping for a Hobbs and Shaw cameo and it never fully materialized. Glad it integrated the Tokyo Drift crew though.
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This one didn't quite grab me the way the last few did. These have been wonderfully ridiculous for a long time, but space, a long lost evil twin brother, and a meta discussion of what part of the movie the villains are in? It feels like it's no longer the organic result of piles of cocaine, and instead a cynical sober attempt at outdoing the last movie.
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not completely unreasonable geography

Though, it has to be said, Edinburgh itself does have completely unreasonable geography.

(For those who don't know, the area around Edinburgh Castle was the fruit of M.C. Escher's brief foray into urban planning.)
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Rented this with my wife last night. We recently moved to a bigger place, and bought a large TV almost entirely because we like "big, dumb fun" movies, but don't expect to feel safe in theaters for quite a while yet (thanks, 2020!). I think everyone else here already has it. What I appreciated is that they at least managed to be consistent with their nonsensical physics. Super-electromagnets pull things into the car behind the car with the electromagnet, when it's moving? Okay, nonsense, but consistent nonsense. The flipped ubertruck also strained credulity, but hey, it's far from the goofiest thing). Shifting before flooring it to.. fire a rocket and ram a satellite? Sure, why not? We had a lot of good laughs at the "they won't.. will they..? THEY DID!" with this one.
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so, kids, family is like a charger engine - immortal.

but anyway, it is the best: a live action movie basically going full looney tunes in its set pieces.
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Caught this film yesterday. I think the film would have been perfect if, after the Tarzan-swing-over-the-gorge stunt, Letty had looked amazed at Dom and said, "Did you plan that?!" Dom looks at Letty knowingly, "Of course." Then Dom looks at the camera and his eyes bug out a little. No, not even Dom believes he pulled that off.
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