Supernatural: The Magnificent Seven
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After the brief opening of the Gates of Hell, Sam, Dean, and Bobby meet the incarnations of the Seven Deadly Sins, while Dean is even more hedonistic than usual in the shadow of a deal he made with the crossroads demon.


Bobby: A cheeseburger for breakfast?
Dean: Well, sold my soul. Got a year to live. I ain't sweating the cholesterol.

[Dean is taken down by a couple who prove to be hunters Bobby knows. The three of them begin chatting while Dean lies on the floor.]
Dean: Hello? Bleeding here.

Sam: [Having walked in on Dean having sex in the previous scene.] Let me see your knife.
Dean: What for?
Sam: So I can gouge my eyes out.
Dean: It's a beautiful, natural act, Sam.
Sam: It's a part of you I never wanted to see, Dean.


When filming the boys' escape from the bar, several takes were done of Jared Padalecki diving into the back of Bobby's car. The director, Kim Manners, wanted it to happen fast, and because Jared is 6'4" and was diving into a small space, he kept banging his head in the same spot over and over. When hair and makeup came to touch them up after the scene, the hair stylist ran her hands through Jared's hair and a small clump of hair with a piece of scalp came out. They used that clump of hair in the box the boys use to summon a crossroads demon later in the series, and it remains in the prop lockup to this day.
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Dean's really dialing up the horndog behaviour and the fast food.

When Envy is telling Dean he's a walking billboard of lust and gluttony, Dean gets a "True that" expression. Dean knows who he is and he's okay with that.

Poor Isaac -- what an awful death. Although I don't think drinking a corrosive kills people that quickly. In cases I've heard of, the person hangs on for a few days [shudder]. It's a shame we don't see Tamara again. I liked her.

If that little group of hunters can kill seven demons in one night, they must have a chance of killing the rest of the estimated 200 that got out when the gates of hell were open -- it's not like they are the only hunters out there, either.
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When hair and makeup came to touch them up after the scene, the hair stylist ran her hands through Jared's hair and a small clump of hair with a piece of scalp came out.

tbh I would've quit acting forever after the bee attic, but I'm glad my job doesn't involve hurtling headfirst into a car until I scalp myself.

I have a tough time with a lot of season three, at the time it was definitely the closest I came to dropping the show. There are episodes I really like, but it suffered from the writers strike; a lot of it has a...meanness? to it that's really offputting, and the issues it had all along with racism and sexism are front and center. Likewise, this is not their strongest premiere. (I'm thinking of a lot of things when I say this season feels weirdly mean-spirited, not all of them violent, but the way Isaac dies is mean.)

Because I don't rewatch these episodes much, I always forget how [Katie Cassidy's character] is introduced. If I watched this cold now I would get SUCH strong "here's SPN Buffy" vibes which seems not accidental.

I'm not even going to guess what part of Dean Sam hadn't seen at this point but also, he probably did not HAVE to sexile himself to the parking space five feet from the sheer motel curtain that is apparently there just for show.
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Dean's nihilism is already starting to feel old.
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Having never seen Supernatural until this year, I'm mainly familiar with Katie Cassidy from Arrow. I know that on that show she got a lot of criticism for some terrible performances, especially early on (before her character was transitioned into a different version of herself). A lot of what was said about her was that people who had seen her in Supernatural couldn't believe the difference in her performance. Now, I can see why that said that. That said, I still put most of the problems with her Arrow character on the writers and the producers and their really, really terrible characterization and fundamental (and deliberate) misinterpretation of one of DC's most formidable and iconic female characters.

It was nice to see Bobby looking spiffy as an attorney from the DA's office. The grubby, greasy look is easy TV shorthand for mechanic/wrecking yard owner, but it's an old, tired, lazy cliché that tends to annoy me after a while. Besides, greasy, oil-stained fingers can't be good for ancient mystical texts. Bobby should know better.

Speaking of Bobby, his cars always cause me pains: patched together body panels badly in need of paint. For a show that prides itself as always having something interesting--usually older and into classic--if not antique--territory (from an automotive perspective) this is anomaly is especially hard to take. Seriously, pretty much every episode has some interesting automotive eye candy, even if it's just little British convertible in a parking garage or an American sedan from the 1960s parked on the road as the boys go bye. I swear the show's car wrangler must have the phone numbers of the presidents of every classic car club in B.C. and must have just rung them up on a random basis: "Hey Bill, think any of your member want to bring a car or two out and park it along Main Street for a couple hours next Tuesday when we're shooting a street scene?" I mean there's no other way that the show would end up with such a variety of makes and models in the background of so many shots.

I couldn't remember the scene of Sam diving into the Chevelle, so I went back and took a quick look. It's less of a dive and more him trying to squeeze into the back seat when Dean is already sitting in front. I can see how he bumped his head, but still, doing it enough times and hard enough that he lost scalp is crazy. Ouch! (Also, if I were the hair dresser or the props master, there is not way I'd be happy handling that at all.)

Okay, one of my minor gripes and nitpicks with this show is that while we see Dean carting around weapons in the truck, we don't see a library of ancient texts vying for space with the shotguns and the shells. Where is Sam getting all the books he uses for research? How is he carrying them all. A duffel bag's worth certainly isn't enough, especially if he has to keep digging through new books to look for answers to whatever monster of the week they are facing.
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