Kevin Can F**k Himself: We're Selling Washing Machines
June 28, 2021 7:40 PM - Season 1, Episode 3 - Subscribe

Allison discovers the truth about Patty's Salon. After a fight, Kevin and Neil compete in a chili cookoff. Allison's revenge inadvertently dries up the town's pill supply. Patty almost gets busted in a local pharmacy raid and confides in Allison.

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The first couple of episodes were hard to get through, but by this one, I'm starting to vibe with the dark tragedy. Admittedly a very tough edge to traverse.

In a way, this speaks to 'the reality based community' and the horrors of watching alt-truth get away with utterly vile shit.

The opioids trafficking could go either way, wouldn't care, but I'm sticking with this to see whether Allison makes out, or gets snowed in. This better further spiral into darkness and I'll be pissed if this goes oopsie-daisy.

It remains an uncomfortable watch.

Now, I'm super (morbidly) curious to know what the watching public thinks this show is about.
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Oh man the scene with Jenn-with-two-Ns-from-Amherst. The way they are wearing kind of the same clothes and kind of the same hair but Jenn's are just that tiny bit smoother and shinier and better in that way that makes you feel she just WOMANS better than you. So completely effing crushing, like that extra N is made of granite.
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This better further spiral into darkness

My thoughts exactly. Encouraged by having it be on AMC, no strangers to having mild-mannered main characters descending into the underworld.
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List of things I loved:
- how Patti & Allison wound up with each other's guys & don't realize it. She & Kurt would love each other's corny shit! Patti likes playing the boys' stupid games! They'd both be happy.

- how they showed how Patti knew the exact right level of power play to make with Trevor to balance staying in control of the situation with getting where they were going. As someone who is way more like Allison I'm fascinated by Pattis & their magical powers.

- how we get to see all the different sides of their personalities - Patti gets scared, Allison can be a bad girl too in ways she probably isn't even aware of. (I also liked how they used the cultural phenomenon of "pulling a Karen" as a way of telling us several things at once - how petty, short-sighted & destructive our protagonist can be, how stupid & dangerous it is to call the cops to spite someone you're annoyed by, how if you have an altercation with a potentially dangerous person it's better to just not parade in front of their property, same thing Dorothy does in wizard of oz, as mentioned in the the Zen of Oz)
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